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My mood today is soooo much better than yesterday!

I legit was such a bitch since the morning to J lol fhl and I got very upset cos he kinda left me alone and did not joke around with me the whole day. Can you make up your mind, woman?

So in the morning, I reached office waaay earlier than my usual schedule because I wasn't having good sleep and literally woke up at about 6.30ish. An hour earlier than my alarm leh, isn't it alarming (lol my pun sibeh cmi)

When I reached my desk, I settled down as usual and J talked to me normally, talking about work. He said he needed to "kio sai"(meaning clearing other people's work when they're away). By right, it should be done by me but because I was damn upset and bad mood, I just gave him black face and didn't answer him. I might have slammed the pedestal drawer a tad bit too hard lol wtf right.

He sensed that I was in bad mood and he just said "wah don't be so angsty leh" but I decided to ignore.

I then went to the pantry to make breakfast and I couldn't stand it and just poured my heart out to my friend, C. I eventually just broke down there hahaha. Just very upset laaa 😿 upset with myself lah. Why was I so affected and kept on overthinking? Why I needed to be such a bitch to J while he's not at any fault and ruin our relationship? Whyyyy?

I came back with heavy heart and still giving J cold shoulders. I sometimes peeked at him but he was so serious with work. And just nice, JL was on urgent leave so no one really bothered me. I ended up focusing on work which is good hahaha!

Once in a while I talked with SH about work. And idk why but the universe just wanted to test me. I was very upset and felt unwilling to talk with J but then, due to work, I needed to talk to him 😭 I eventually just chatted him lol humji

And our chats were really short, straight to the point with no jokes in between 😿 I think he also didn't dare to joke around cos I really gave out the "do not disturb" face and vibe fml fhl.

Whenever he passed by my desk, I peeked at him but he didn't look at my side and gave a very serious vibe haih. Totally no joking wor. He never fails to joke with me but yesterday, I really hit the jackpot liao loh.

Day 242

Wednesday, 30 Aug 2017

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