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Today I just become the crankiest person ever and I hate this 😩

I've been having good start of the day but then slowly, I get quite annoyed with the littlest things. I think subconsciously I am sad that I'll be alone for lunch today and I tried to get myself together. I hate to feel like this. I hate to feel sad just because I got too attached with some people and I'm unwilling when it comes to me being alone when we usually are together.

My usual lunch kakis are J, JL and SH. But all these 3 lovelies are off to swimming session as their plan yesterday was cancelled due to heavy rain. They go swimming during lunch time btw. I feel left out but well, they're not at fault cos I don't swim lol so my fault la. J did jokingly suggested me to join them just to play water but I declined, thinking I could use my lunch time to do research about my upcoming trip.

But then when the time is near, I get really unhappy laa ☚ī¸

Then when they left, J sent a chat in our group chat asking me to enjoy lunch with NG(a colleague that we all dislike and he knows I dislike her). I know he's just teasing me and he knows I won't go for lunch with NG lah.

But then I replied "I'll be enjoying lunch in solitude 😊"

I even googled the meaning of solitude before sending that reply to make sure I say the correct thing hahaha!

Then he said "wah wah!! So you're saying we are noisy lah... hahaha!"

Me: "ehh why so sensitive. Solitude means the situation of being alone leh. I didn't say you guys are noisy 😕"

Him: "cannot take jokes... hahaha"

Me: "... ya la cannot la, then cannot click with u, then let me be alone ok" (I was quite annoyed here liao cos I legit don't understand why he said I cannot take jokes and also why he suddenly said I thought they are noisy duh hahaha)

Him: "oops... should I be outcast... hahaha"

Me: "not you, it should be me 😊"

Then no reply liao...

Day 208

Thursday, 27 Jul 2017

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