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Yesterday I finally said something stupid out loud hahaha! And I legit laughed til I got dizzy wtf. I had to stop laughing to bring myself back. This sounds damn extra but it’s real la.

J came to my table and I was kinda high idk why, all I had was barbecue flavored doritos chips 🤷🏻‍♀️

He was asking me things, saying that Division A has some money of Division B when they were sharing bank account last year so now we need to clear that balance.

He asked if we could use both divisions’ usd account to transfer sgd balance as the balance captured in our system is sgd-based.

It took him like 3-4 times to explain to me cos I really kept on “huh? What? Can you repeat?” Haahhahaha he was damn frustrated but cos I kept on laughing, he just laughed it off and said “ah don’t understand right? Cannot focus right? Walao eh!! Aaarrgghh!!” 🤣🤣

Then when I finally got what he said, I said something:

Division B has USD bank account meh?

Hahahahahahahah we died. Cos afterwards I realized, wtf so stupid my question, this is unacceptable!!

That division has always had usd account, what nonsense was I asking?! 😂😂

I then just told him “omg sorry my question was fucking stupid, my brain’s not working hahahahahaha!!”

Oh man, I had a good laugh.

4 more Wednesdays to go!

I start to miss him when he’s not around and gosh, it’s torturous! I miss his jokes, his random knock, his bye bye, his annoying self.

He’s clearing leave on every Wednesday and I’ve been looking forward til the end of every Wednesday hahaha. Yaaay he’ll be back tomorrow!

Day 326

Wednesday, 22 Nov 2017

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