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Early in the morning, my mood went from good to meh to worse. It all started from this annoying colleague that I super dislike, NG.

Last week we had slight intense discussion about when to make payment for these 2 invoices from supplier L. I got the invoice from the staff from this IT department when NG went on leave and he said to pay before 26th this month as it’s for license and the license expires on 26th. We can’t afford to have the license cut off.

And so after keying in the invoices, I put on NG’s table and put a note saying “must pay before 26th”.

She left them on the table and on the 2nd day she’s back from leave, the staff asked for the payment status.

Without checking, she immediately said “huh? What invoice? I don’t have leh, maybe not with me?” (Obviously meaning that the invoices are supposed to be with me 🙄)

I then told her “I put them on your table” (pointed her mountain of documents)

Oooh that one ah

That’s her reaction. Immediately after I pointed the mountain 🙄🙄 effort a bit lah, look for it before you answer. What kind of stupid answers are those? Duh.

The discussion happened on Friday, at about 3-4pm. She then insisted that her payment will be on 26th. The staff asked if she could make early payment, explaining the license cutoff for late payment.

Wah if everyone keeps on saying make an exception, then I’ll be very busy making payments only loh

🙄 so not helpful right! The staff was talking to her nicely yet her replies were just annoying.

Anyways, I saw the invoices on my desk right when I reached office. My blood boiled lah! Like, why the fuck you return these invoices to me? I’m going to insist this payment to be done by you for sure. Bitch.

I’ve been working here for 2 years plus and since the start, I’ve been tolerating NG’s habit of pushing work to other people. But now that I know how things work, I play along with her lah. If she wants to split work clearly, I’ll gladly oblige and split clearly.

But I will always be fucking pissed if she goes on leave and asks me to clear her shit. Been few times already. Things that she can do it when she’s still working yet she pushes it and passes them to me to do for her.

At first, I kindly helped her do but now, after 2 years plus, she is still the same old bitch who still asks people to clear her work. Every single day keeps on saying she’s busy but in actual fact, I really don’t understand she’s being busy due to what 🙄

This is such unnecessary drama at work lah so I just tell myself to be more fierce and throw back her work to her when I can. Time to stop her habit. Time to let her know I’m not here to clear her shit.

Anyways, I was damn upset but I cannot remember why. I was just in utter bad mood and JL came to file his things. He usually would use my table to put down the file and he just smash the file on my table quite loudly.

Usually I would joke with him but because I was damn bad mood, I told him off. I almost picked up a fight with him lah but deep down I told myself to stop because it’ll not be nice since we need to deal with each other daily.

I think J saw and heard cos I was quite loud to tell JL off also and he came to rescue the situation 😢 I’m damn touched!!

He tried to make me feel better by saying “you know what should you do?”

Then I was still angsty and rudely answered him “whatwhatwhatwhat?!”

Then he smacked JL 😂

I laughed a little and felt so much better and ended up being nicer to JL. If he didn’t come and do that, I think I would still be damn pissed off with JL.

Day 324

Monday, 20 Nov 2017

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