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Mostly a silent reader. ISFJ. Live positively.

December 2018

Hey Dayre!Today is my colleague, ST, last working day. Part of her work, which is a reporting for a division M, is passed to me.My position, is the lowest tier of the whole Finance structure. All along, I’ve been doing data entries for expense claims which is rather brainless and intercompany reporting which is also quite data entry and brainless.Reporting is a whole new thing for me and I started learning in end Nov18 from ST.

October 2018

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Last month I helped few Dayreans to buy tumblers as you can see on the post on 1 Sept. But then there’s this 1 buyer ffk me 😓 she’s not replying my chat from Tele for days liao. Haih...

September 2018

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I kinda swept the shelf clean thanks to @thegirlwhogrowls hahaha!

February 2018

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With the news about Dayre shutting down, my updates have become very minimal for the past few months.I was swarmed with work that I barely had the time to update here. I am also controlling what to share and what to not share so 😶 Also because I’ve noticed my last few posts have been always about me ranting about work, co workers, life lol so negative! I hate to hear negativity so I was also disgusted with my own negativity. Like, can you stahp ✋🙄

January 2018

He’s flying back tomorrow and Thursday he’s back working. I don’t know, man. I’m like, I don’t like him as crazy as before, but I still do hope for some special attention from him lol woman can’t just make up her mind.

He was getting annoying during chat so I said “ok byeeeee”Then he said “ohhh now like that lah?”Hahahahah cos he’s in Mumbai now for work trip. He doesn’t seem like working lah, enjoying life more! He wokr up and still can go to swim first before going office. Then reached hotel early, swim again wtf. Shiok life. Staying at St Regis some more. Double shiok. Taking Business Class some more. Triple shiok. Hahahah!2 days already and it’s quite bearable cos he’s still appearing in group chats.

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