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October 2017

He’s been making me feeling a bit too overwhelmed recently, please staaahhhpp! I cannot handle this 😭 I’m scared I feel too much then get super disappointed later 😞

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He’s on a full day leave today and he’ll start clearing like 7 more days of annual leave he has til the end of December ☹️He’s quite annoying when he’s around though because he never stops teasing me!! Anything also can tease πŸ™„ I got very tired to entertain him sometimes hahaha!But then, when he’s not around like today, I kinda miss him. I got to focus more on work lah which is good hahahaha

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We’re working closely together today and I’m happy!

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He’s so random yesterday.So we cooked our lunch and J and JL went to buy the ingredients while I volunteered to just stay in to boil the water.After our lunch, J went back to his desk and asked me if I wanted this big bottle of yakult drink. Ok not really the yakult brand but I kinda forgot the term for this drink lol.I hesitated a bit and said OK and took it from him. I asked him how much should I pay him and he said no need lah aiyooohhh so nice!

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Hahahaha I cannot!! He’s just so random πŸ˜‚

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