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September 2017

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Bumped into him on the 🚌

Me when I woke up today haha!I set my alarm at 7 am today thinking I could snooze it til 8 am hut my mom is definitely a better alarm than my phone 😂 and also my own fault la cos I told her I woke up late yesterday hahahah so today she kept on asking me to wake up fml.After dilly dally, I managed to leave house at about 7.40am wtf. So early! I usually left home at 8.30am. Imagine that few minutes of extra sleep disappearing today....

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I was damn sad the past few days. I tried to look and act normal but whenever I reached home, I would be feeling so not balanced. I kept on thinking about what’s wrong cos I kept on feeling sad and distanced.In office, I have this clique of J, JL and SH. Only recently we got closer with YC and went for lunch together. We have group chat but YC is not in it and even though we got closer, she’s not added to the group too because she’s from HR, might not understand our finance rant haha!

Bye bye Holiday!! I’m back to my routine of fattening myself again lol! Back to waking up at 8 am, rushing for work, buying breakfast, dilly dally for the next 9 hours til the time shouts 6pm and sometimes later, on repeat for 5 days a week. I do miss my holiday 😭Anyway, I’d like to share an experience about my trip at Paris so more people are aware if it’s their first time to anywhere else, don’t be like me okay! I cried my heart out for a good 1 hour or so 😭

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