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August 2017

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My mood today is soooo much better than yesterday!I legit was such a bitch since the morning to J lol fhl and I got very upset cos he kinda left me alone and did not joke around with me the whole day. Can you make up your mind, woman?So in the morning, I reached office waaay earlier than my usual schedule because I wasn't having good sleep and literally woke up at about 6.30ish. An hour earlier than my alarm leh, isn't it alarming (lol my pun sibeh cmi)

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Omg I feel so guilty and bad.I arranged a meet up with a carousell seller and I kind of MIA on him ☹️ I was so busy with work that I put my phone screen down and covered it with documents. At first, he told me to meet at about 12.45pm but thinking that I would be having lunch during that timing, I suggested him to meet later. He then said 5pm. I gladly said ok and asshole me just MIA on him fhl and fml.

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fluttering 😳

Oh wow. Yesterday marks the 2 years anniversary of me joining my current company!I still remember when I joined, J was the one who approached me first and said "have you met our boss? No? Come, I bring you to meet him"And it turned out that I have met the boss hahaha! And he told me to not worry, the people here were nice. No seniority.Ahh that good impression lasts eh!And look how far I've come. I'm quite close with him now. We're office buddy.

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We're having the company's annual summer party this Friday and I was and am not very excited for this because I dislike team bonding games with strangers lol.Strangers because the committee usually arranges team members from different departments and we barely liaise with them lah so hor, super awkward. I remember my last year team, I only knew like 1-2 people out of like 10? 😅And guess what. This year I'm tasked as the team leader 😵🔫 I'm the only representative from Finance department 😭

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