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July 2017

Today I just become the crankiest person ever and I hate this 😩I've been having good start of the day but then slowly, I get quite annoyed with the littlest things. I think subconsciously I am sad that I'll be alone for lunch today and I tried to get myself together. I hate to feel like this. I hate to feel sad just because I got too attached with some people and I'm unwilling when it comes to me being alone when we usually are together.

Dayre has been a place for me to rant most of the time and I'm very guilty for spreading negativity but sometimes I just need a medium to rant on. And I've been losing the spark with J. Lol spark. What kind of term am I using when we're nothing important to each other.A slight update about him though.He's still annoying. Still teases me a LOT. We got closer, hang out more often post work. We sort of got into the same clique, with JL and SH.

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I just realized it's such a challenge to plan a trip because I've been taking things for granted since young! I've been travelling with the parents until last year and every single trip, we always went with tours. Everything's booked, planned, no worries, just follow when they say go, eat, sleep.Last year, I started travelling with friends but also, lack of plannings.I went to Penang with 3 friends where 2 of them stayed in Penang for years so they became our tour guides.

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Came back from 2 days leave and my desk is full of silly notes from the colleagues.I have this Dart Vader tsum tsum plush toy, they wrote a note on it hahaha!

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There's a chance that I won't be meeting my bff at Amsterdam 😭 I wanted to cry when she told me that but I needed to be strong so I assured her we'll figure a way out. Sigh.So I have bought tickets to Amsterdam in February and have told my bestfriend, B, about it. She has just moved there last year to unite with her husband so I promised her since last year that I'll visit her this year.My friend, C, ended up tagging along me for this trip despite her not knowing B.

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