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May 2017

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I wasn't taking bike tto work today but there's no bus sticker. Or maybe there is but I don't buy stickers here hehe. So yeah this is the closest it can be.Anyway!I bumped into J on the bus! So surprised because all this almost 2 years, never have I bumped into him on the bus to work.So coincidental and I immediately smiled widely when I saw him hahahah. It's just nice that he sat on the area where there's seats opposite him and I was aiming that seat. Fate is so funny sometimes.

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I'm actually going Bangkok on Tuesday morning and I will not get to meet him til 2 more weeks cos when I return to SG, he flies to Japan for his 9-day trip. It's been few days that I worry about how to survive at work without him. Guess I'll just have to keep on being busy to keep myself distracted. I'll see his posts on his social medias and spam him all the likes and comments. Argh 2 weeks!!

You, J 💕

I think our closeness now is like...he's my office buddy. We go lunch together, we rant together (mostly is I rant) and we joke together. He would always tease me, idk why! But yeah, we're in that level now. He's become someone I'll be sad if he's not around in the office. I'll feel that something is missing. And vice versa, I'll think of him when I'm on leave. I'll miss the jokes and random shouting of my name just because he likes to randomly call my name. Just because.

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