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Mostly a silent reader. ISFJ. Live positively.

I'm really training myself to not be so cranky when I get busy and stressed out, especially handling the Kao Peh Corner group on whatsapp 😂I created the group as SW has left the company and has no access to our usual Google Hangout. The members are still the same, J, JL, SW and SH. It's a group chat for us to complain about those people we dislike in office hahaha!And today, I complained something about N and said something like "heng I smart and taichi to her"

Argh forgot about my updates again. Gosh. I think I was typing the continuation until my fat thumb accidentally hit the X button on the top left then all gone. No draft nothing 😓 then I forgot to continue lol.

Ahh I digressed and forgot to update the continuation on Friday post. I was too busy with work to update 😫 But since I'm now otw home, I have like 15 mins to spare so let's continue!Anyways. About people being stupid. Yes. It's just something happened on Friday after lunch.There's this Accountant, RO, in our team and she's very famous for pushing her work and watching dramas in the office. Majority of us dislike her, even me who was neutral at first.

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