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March 2017

I hate to say people stupid but sometimes some people can really test my patience and caused me being judgmental and mean and keep on rolling eyes. I'm sorry but sometimes please, think before you speak. Use some brain cells? Please?Apparently in my department, we're sort of split into few groups. You can't really have 11 people agreeing with one another aye?I'm with the boys. We have 3 boys here but 1 of them is leaving today ☹️ I often mention them here, J, JL and SW. SW is leaving.

Oh wow. Was so busy yesterday after lunch that I didn't go to the toilet for like almost 4 hours. Am I a champ or what? πŸ˜…My colleague N was on MC yesterday and she knew down right that yesterday we decided to make payment for staff claims. And suay suay this cycle got like 10 divisions to process payments πŸ™ƒ I know I sound so negative and all but really, the payment process is too tedious and that bitch took MC πŸ™„ always "good" timing ya bij

Aahhh had a pleasant break at Hong Kong in the past 4 days. I really enjoyed my time there with the right companies also. Came back with sad heart :(But hehe. J was sibeh annoying today. Since the morning I reached office til end of work πŸ˜…Here's me listing them one by one so I can one day re-read this and think "what the fuck, like that also made you smile from ear to ear?!"1. Passed him his Gin and T-Shirt and he said "ok thank you! No need to pay ah!"Me: πŸ˜‘πŸ˜’ don't thank me, just pay

I've been going to bed with heavy heart recently and not seeing him at work makes it worse. This makes me realize that I put my happiness on him a lot while he's nothing more than just a crush. I feel it's too much of myself to feel like that lah πŸ™„ So I told myself, it's enough. Time to move on. Please just regard him as normal colleague. No more heart involved please cos it's affecting me so much. Not gonna see him in the office for 3 days which is good. I have time to adjust myself.

Please tell me it's not overthinking and over sensitive to think that he's avoiding me when he:1. Ignores my comments oh his IG and Facebook2. He replies my chat with one-liner "hahahahha...."3. He hasn't read my reply asking how he is from 3 hours agoGosh I'm going crazy. So so so tempted to tell him sorry to have disturbed his day and please stop being rude and ignoring my messages and I'll disappear from his life. We shud go back to being colleagues. Just colleagues.

On Friday night, SH and I went out for dinner. She saw me posting about wanting to go for karaoke and asked if we shall go somewhere after work. We then decided on Bugis.While we reached Bugis, she suddenly asked me this once we alighted the bus:

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