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February 2017

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About 2 more hours til work ends and I foresee I need to OT 😭😭😭It's actually good that I have things to do but I feel so rushed by time and I'm neglecting my current work on hands cos I'm learning to do this new work about Intercompany.

I should sleep as I'll be waking up at 6 for gym tomorrow but let me pour my heart out here.I was a bit excited for going back to work tomorrow because I get to see him again!!But then I suddenly remember. He's not coming in tomorrow πŸ˜•πŸ™β˜ΉοΈπŸ˜­πŸ˜­ he told me last week that he's not coming because he's going to specialist to check on his foot. Apparently it's swollen and painful lah. He also itchy backside, last week still went for his usual run/football wtf right.

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Me right now.So so so darn tired and sleepy that I asked my colleague "can go home now?" πŸ˜‚I was on full force work mode for about almost 4 hours til lunch time wtf. I'm amazed at myself. I ran to the toilet. I quickly boiled water for my green tea intake. I took 2 hours to finish my coffee since 9 am wtf. What is happening?!

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This week has been soooo moody I just want to bury myself.The past 3 days, I was so cranky and grumpy and all that lah and I thought today I could feel better but no. I just have to be pissed by the little things.I was in good mood but then there's this incident that really made me πŸ™„I was having breakfast with my colleagues and suddenly a colleague that majority of us do not like, came to me and told me in excitement that Gen 2 Pokemon GO is out.

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