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December 2017

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Been feeling like crap today since the morning and it’s showing in my face and attitude 😩 xiao bitch alert 🚨 And I’m feeling even worse when they went out for lunch and I stayed in because I brought my own lunch. I feel so left out and upset but it’s my own choice to bring my own lunch so no one to blame but me lah hor.And maybe cos J could sense I was unhappy, he barely joked with me 😭

November 2017

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Yesterday I finally said something stupid out loud hahaha! And I legit laughed til I got dizzy wtf. I had to stop laughing to bring myself back. This sounds damn extra but it’s real la.J came to my table and I was kinda high idk why, all I had was barbecue flavored doritos chips 🀷🏻‍♀️He was asking me things, saying that Division A has some money of Division B when they were sharing bank account last year so now we need to clear that balance.

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Fraud Uber Transactions

I just saw unauthorized transactions on my card and all of them are from UBER WTFIdk what else to tag, but I wish to bring more awareness now that it’s so easy to happen especially in this technology era#dayrestories #dayre #psa

Early in the morning, my mood went from good to meh to worse. It all started from this annoying colleague that I super dislike, NG.Last week we had slight intense discussion about when to make payment for these 2 invoices from supplier L. I got the invoice from the staff from this IT department when NG went on leave and he said to pay before 26th this month as it’s for license and the license expires on 26th. We can’t afford to have the license cut off.

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He’s back yesterday and he’s been annoying since morning πŸ™„

He’ll be back to work today! Wohoooo!

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