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Mostly a silent reader. ISFJ. Live positively.

July 2019

I refused to take a shopping basket when I was at the supermarket yesterday and last minute-ly (lol yes I just added the ‘ly’ because I don’t know the word for that phrase 🤭) took 3 strips of Vitagen because there’s an on-going promotion of free ceramic bowl for 3 strips hahaha aunty much but the bowl is a good size for 2 packs of instant noodles and in quite cute colours.So I was already carrying a pack of 5 avocados, 1 pack of 4 slices of ham, 3 packs of chicken thighs, 1 pack of cheese

April 2019

The past 2 weeks have been a real roller coaster ride.It all started from the weekend when I was going to have BBQ with the colleagues.I woke up and ordered murtabak and pratas for my brother and I. Managed to finish half of the murtabak and the prata and I felt very very full. I thought I was overeating.After that, I went to lie down because of the discomfort and felt really unwell. Then waited for the BBQ to start, I napped for a while.

January 2019

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Again, not finishing my post 😫 I admire anyone committing to Dayre and post long-ass posts about their days or even just talking about things they ate or bought.Anyways...

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