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New stickers for Hari Merdeka! Happy 60th Independence Day, Malaysia 🇲🇾

So this morning when my parents woke me up at 7am to go for a morning run, I legit woke up but continued staying in bed contemplating if it's worth it to climb out of bed. Plus I felt so tired all over because I just went for a run the previous evening. But I'd also feel like it's a waste of a morning if I just slept in? So yep, I rolled out of bed and definitely didn't regret that decision 🙌🏼


Today. Tbh I love my captions for my running videos HAHAHA.

Sky was so pretty when we reached at around 7.30am 😍

So after running some km, I warmed down with some stretching because my body felt like it was gonna disintegrate.

But yay for good breakfast after! We went for Hakka mee and um I wanted to share coffee with mum because I don't wanna drink too much coffee but I accidentally finished the whole cup wtf. I think my mum hates me now.

Took this shot before entering the car. There's a man at his motorcycle somewhere not in frame and he legit looked to see wtf I was taking a picture of. Pls not everyone has got the eye for a nice picture with feels. So apt for Merdeka right!!!!! 😆

Day 243

Thursday, 31 Aug 2017

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cecewong hahhahaha it is a great picture!! lololol

9 months ago

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