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Bullet journal

Not sure if I should pen this down in my Dayre but I really want to record my #bulletjournal journey here if I ever wanna look back at this in the future. I'm really not the best person to talk about bullet journaling because I've just started very recently as in just 1 month ago or so.

I've always liked notebooks and stationeries. After my Europe trip, I've been meaning to make some sort of scrapbook/travel journal to jot down some memories and to paste some memorabilia I've gotten.

Before I started, I researched a bit on bullet journaling and tried to understand its system in order to use it effectively. I watched many Plan With Me videos on YouTube and it's really so interesting. There are many ways of bullet journaling depends on your preference. Some prefer minimalistic, some prefer rustic whereas I prefer messy scrapbook style. I like it to look aged and used and worn. September is my first month bullet journaling so I'll see how it goes.

I'm using this simple B5 black cover muji notebook without lines or dots.

Didn't know what to do with my first page so I just wrote my name this way. Pretend to be minimalistic but actually just didn't know what to do with this hahahaha.

Next page is All About Me. I hate the header and I may redo the header but anyway, asked some friends to use one word to describe me or what word you'll think of when you think of me. This page is the outcome 💕

Random page to just stick some important/nice pictures.

Dream travel destinations and bucket list page. Wanted to do an Up theme and thank god I recently just bought watercolour pencils that are so easy to use 😆 Because I cannot art. Next page is a world map that I'll colour in every time I visit a country.

Uh initially wanted to draw but realised that the world is so huge. So I just printed it out 😆

Australia page! Australia is actually the first non-Asian country I visited and it's for a very special reason, medical electives. Also this was the first page of my journal that I did up even before the pages of my name, travel destinations etc.

Europe! I really like to document my travels in this messy scrapbook style whereby I just draw stuff and stick stuff as I wish

Next 2 pages for Europe.

Recent trip to Bali!!

Made a page for convocation! Really wanna buy the canon photo printer thing to print out pictures nicely but uh currently no budget for that so I'm just gonna make do with pics printed by my usual paper printer.

Also I'm taking pictures from a distance so that y'all can't really see what I wrote. Because I forgot to take pics of my spreads before I filled it in 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Because I'm a bookworm and movie junkie, I've decided to make this list of books to read, movies to watch, fav books I've read so far and fav movies I've watched before.

I made another page of 30 books before 2018 to remind myself to pick up on my hobby that I've had ever since I could read. I feel so ashamed that I've read less than 30 books throughout all 5 years in med school.

Page on the right to jot down things I'm grateful for. Really random things.

Then I didn't know what to do with the page on the left. So I just printed a bunch of pretty pics and made it a quote page instead.

I know nuts about calligraphy nor do I have any legit pens for it. So I just used my usual gel pen and draw thicker strokes for all the downstrokes to imitate calligraphy. Yay?


Future log is for you to review an entire year ahead of it by writing down birthdays, important events and any upcoming trips.

I didn't do a cover page for September. Just did a daisy header for it and drew a calendar to write down important appointments.

I'm literally on this page everyday. Habits and mood tracker.

I've researched enough to know that there are several things you can track in your life. Exercise, meals, water, sleep etc. There are several things I want myself to do everyday but I'm not doing very well at it so this tracker really helps me to be mindful of my habits and to change up my lifestyle.

Mood tracker doesn't really do much except that you'll be able to associate your habits and your mood and have an overview later.

Brain dump page that's for me to literally write any ideas, doodle etc. 5 minute journal is an idea from mimiikon on YouTube. She created a journal to write your thoughts and aspiration within 5 mins (just an idea that you don't have to spend much time on this) in the morning and feelings at the end of the at night.

Weekly spread! A more detailed spread to write my appointments and petty tasks everyday.

And another I'm grateful for page for the month of September.

I do weekly spreads as it goes as I don't like my weekly spreads back to back. It'll be too rigid then. And I try to do different designs for my weekly spreads so that it's not so boring.

Next is September books, movies and music. Just books and movies I've read and I'll rate them and music I listen to a lot.

Random quote page. And another expense tracker. Because I've used up my other expense tracker few pages before.

Saving goals and an extra 5 minute journal page just in time to be used tomorrow because my previous one has no more space. There will be some people who prefer to leave empty pages just in case for times like this but I prefer to go along and only create a page if I need it. Because I've seen many youtubers regret leaving blank pages and then they'll end up unused and wasted.

Week 4 and 5 weekly spreads.

If you notice, I tend to stick to the theme. My theme for Sept is daisies so I try to incorporate that in every Sept page.

My Chiangmai spread. Prev travel pages only contain retrospective journaling because I only created the journal AFTER my travels. A bullet journal can also be used to plan for a trip. I'm not much of a planner because I really prefer to be spontaneous 😆 In other words, I'm lazy. But this bullet journal actually motivates me to plan and this is quite an awesome invention right?

Oops forgot to include some of my essentials.

I've been looking for nice pastel-coloured washi tapes but don't wanna spend a ton by buying from Kino. Looks like I've no choice but to buy from taobao. These I've gotten from Muji. Plain and some with pattern. I don't like the thickness of it so I usually half it.

Some muji pens I have. I only bought some colours I know I'll use because the entire set is too expensive 😩

Close up of the colours.

Some gel pens I bought from muji (2 on the left) and popular (2 on the right).

Close up. Both types cost rm5.

Random old coloured pens that belong to my sis actually. Haha.

Koi brush pens from Kino omg. I'm so in love with them. I'm trying to save up to buy whole sets of these Koi pens. Or maybe the tombow dual tip pens 😩😩

The pastel colours so pretty.

I'm mostly using this mechanical pencil that's shaped like a pencil from Muji. It's so stupid I love it so much hahahaha 😂

I really like the idea of bullet journaling as compared to good old planners because I like to be able to customise how I want each page to look like and to decorate with random doodles and quotes. I've already have ideas for the next few months and hope I'll be able to continue bullet journaling in the future. When I'm busier maybe I'll have to adapt a minimalistic, simpler designs for sole productivity purposes.

There's really no hard and fast rule for bullet journaling as you can literally do anything you want. I've watched many videos and gotten ideas from Pinterest and different YouTube channels. So I just adapt whatever I need to fit my lifestyle. Some track many other different things like relationship with people and some set many different goals but I personally don't like to set goals by month. I'll maybe only have a few long term goals tbh.

For those who wanna get started, maybe you can try going to by Ryder Carroll the creator of bullet journal and check out what it's like and what it's for.

Next, you can go on YouTube to search for Plan With Me videos. My particular fav YouTuber for bullet journaling is AmandaRachLee because you'll see I've adapted most of her bullet journal contents and her designs are really nice.

Then if you like the idea of it, you can try by getting a simple plain notebook and some pens from maybe Muji. Or if you want to commit to it, you can try checking out traveler's journal as it's also another type of journal book.

Ok that's all for today I guess. Took me so long to post page by page hahahaha. I've actually done up my October cover page because I was so inspired last night 😂

Day 254

Monday, 11 Sep 2017

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jojoyeoh (avatar)

jojoyeoh This is interesting. Any tips on how to start and what kind of content to add since i dont travel as much!!

9 months ago

wailynn (avatar)

wailynn @jojoyeoh You can start by going to to see what a bullet journal is for and you can check out Plan With Me videos on YouTube! There are many ways to use a bullet journal whether it's for travel, planner or sketchbook. Like for me, I've incorporated everything in my journal 😄 I use it for travels, to track my daily habits, mood, write down lists, to-dos etc etc.

9 months ago

chatoyant (avatar)

chatoyant I love thisssssss 😍 I also started bullet journaling earlier this year but it's progressing superrrrrrrr slow

9 months ago

wailynn (avatar)

wailynn @chatoyant Omg you haveeeee? Why don't I know about this omg. It really takes up time to plan and draw out each spread but I really wanna continue doing this even after I start work 😢😢

9 months ago

rujingz (avatar)

rujingz I've tried lettering with tombow dual tip pens. They're nice pens.. but I think the brush tip is not durable. Mine has spilt tips after using for a short while. How's the Koi pens like? I might give this brand a try instead

9 months ago

wailynn (avatar)

wailynn @rujingz Really? They're not cheap eh, sounds like not durable at all. The Koi pens are so far not bad but I haven't been using them much yet so I can't really tell. You can buy 1 and try and see 🙌🏼

9 months ago

chatoyant (avatar)

chatoyant Yeah it's been around! I love it coz it's not something you can rush to do even if it's just a list of things? I have another seperate notebook just for plain text writing nonsense things that don't make sense lol the only rule I set for myself in that notebook is that there must never be a fullstop anywhere and handwriting must be nice LOL so the writing goes on and on through out the whole book with no paragraphs no commas etc. And another one just for travels. Also love scrapbooking but I always forget to keep all those small stick-able items like train tickets or theatre tickets etc lol always end up throwing them away and so lazy to print pictures etc. Then I also have another one specially for my bedside thoughts coz my brain says the darnest, darkest, brilliant (LOL) things just before I sleep which I also kinda do it in bullet journal form to force myself / slow myself down coz if I keep writing furiously it just gives me more adrenaline


9 months ago

chatoyant (avatar)

chatoyant I think I also wanna have another notebook to keep in my handbag for when I'm on the go LOL and I havent even start on my pen collections omilord

9 months ago

wailynn (avatar)

wailynn @chatoyant Hahahaha omg how do you handle so many books? I'll end up not using at all because I mainly like everything in a book so I can glance thru at one go. Eh I like the no full stop no paragraph no comma idea! I can maybe do up one page about "things that make me happy" "things I'm grateful for" and keep writing and filling it in whenever. It'll look so pretty!!! Hahahaha the reason why I even started thinking of scrapbooking is bc I looked at the amount of tickets and receipts I have in my purse and thought I could do smtg with them 😂

9 months ago

tinkerbelle (avatar)

tinkerbelle Very pretty journal there 😍

9 months ago

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