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Recap of 2013 and my 1st day of 2014

Recap of my 2013!

1. Celebrated CNY for the first time with classmates. We had actual lou sang and all. It was a pretty big bunch of us. This picture is only with a few of them.

2. Passed my 1st mbbs professional exam and got my white coat. Woohoo! Although I don't look good in it. It's size XS and so freaking huge 囧rz

3. Had our MBBS dinner. And this was at our after-party. We surprisingly had fun!

4. Started having to bring my white coat to class everyday because there is practical class almost everyday. Not sure if I enjoy it or not. Lol!

5. Joined UTAR Runningman. Surprisingly fun too! Wanted to post a group picture but it wouldn't fit the square >:(

6. Went to Jay Chou's concert with @lynnmay, my coursemate and my online fangirl friend (met her irl for the first time!!!). It was an awesome night!!

7. Maintaining my slutship with my sluts for another year hehehe! We tried to meet up as often as possible. Slutship stronger than ever!!

8. Played paintball for the first time in my life and I couldn't get enough of it! It's so fun!!

9. First-aider for the first time in my life.

10. Took some very fake pictures for UTAR's year book (?). Not sure what the pictures are for also actually wtf.

11. Celebrated my 20th birthday with this bunch of sluts. Had a lot of fun taking pictures on the mall roof!

12. We formed our Tai Tai Group in 2013 and I got crowned (exact word used by @sharoncty ) as the cute tai tai wtf. May our taitai-ship stay strong! Hahaha.

13. Celebrated new year's eve and countdown with family at Impiana KLCC this year yay!!

14. Got myself a boyfriend about end of July 2013.

15. Attended Relay For Life for the first time. Although I went back early and didn't stay till the next morning, I still joined so whatever HAHA.

16. Properly celebrated Christmas this year. My last Christmas celebration was Mabel's house party back in secondary school time. That was long long ago.

17. Started going to the gym this year.

18. Didn't travel to anywhere in 2013 T_T Busy and no money

Okay I shall continue with my 1st day of 2014!

At 12am. Fireworks from KLCC.

Brother took this picture of my parents, sister and I.

Cupcake party!! Cupcakes from Bisou. Yums!

This morning's breakfast! Love the cheesy sausage.

First #ootd of the year! Old dress old flats haha whatever~

Oh yea this was yesterday's coffee break with sister and brother.

We also watched Police Story yesterday. It was pretty damn amazing.

We're done packing and going to check out now. T_T

Day 1

Wednesday, 1 Jan 2014

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sharoncty (avatar)

sharoncty HAHAHAHA. Can you not! Lol

3 years ago

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