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What a wonderful public holiday that doesn't make a difference to an unemployed person like me at all! 😊

It's still nice because my parents don't have to work so we could go for our morning run + breakfast together. That also forces me to wake up early for once yay.

Post-run! Been a week since my last run 😱

Oops pic from my IG story. Forgot to take using my own cam fml. Curry mee as usual. So good!!!

I'll try to update on my past week spent in KL.


Back story is that my Bruneian friends would be in Malaysia with their respective families but on different dates. So both Jas and I gotta meet them on separate days and these two Bruneians wouldn't be able to meet each other. What a pity.

Anyway I bought a Sat train ticket and had to crash at my brother's place. Kinda paiseh and had to ask his landlady for permission. Luckily she's always so kind to allow me to do that πŸ˜‡

I had super bad gastric pain in the train. I was thinking maybe it's due to my recent lifestyle. My family has dinner super early at about 6pm. And I tend to not eat rice for dinner. But I sleep super late at like 3-4am. So I'm always very hungry by the time I go to bed. Maybe that's why my stomach starts to act up. Reached KL central at 6pm and bought Pezzo to ι‘Άδ½θ‚š (canto: deng zhu tou, Eng: to temporarily cure hunger).

Finally reached my brother's place via grab and he usually eats damn late so fine, I busied myself with my bullet journal before we went out for dinner at Sushi Mentai at about 8.30pm. He wasn't very hungry and I couldn't eat since I felt super bloated and gastric pain was still ongoing, we both had like 6 plates in total only hahahahaha.


So on the next day, I took the lrt to go to klcc to meet up with Bruneian friend 1 along with jas. Jas and I met up first for brunch. She brought along some albums and mags that I could open during brunch. Oh my goddddd it was so emotional. Because these were sent to jas' house and she waited for me to open hers also. I bought 2 sets (1 set=2 versions of the album) whereas she bought 1 set. So we have 6 albums in total. We got pretty lucky with the photobooks. We got 3 out of 4 versions of pb.

Jas knew I'm more into JJ Project than her so she kindly gave me my fav pb out of the 4 versions. Yay.

But we weren't so lucky with the clear cards and retro posters wtffff. It's a duo project group so there's 2 guys. ALL 6 CLEAR CARDS AND RETRO POSTERS WERE OF THE SAME GUY. WHAT. How is it even possible.

But I was super lucky with the other cards. I got double of all cards without any overlaps yay.

So since I had 3 out of 4 versions of the pb, I traded the pb I had double of with someone on Carousell. She's a super sweet girl and turned out to be from the same hometown omg hahahaha. We were so occupied until we couldn't concentrate on eating.

Had our brunch at Urbean cafe. And their breakfast menu sucks big time. I had their pasta before and it was actually good leh. This big breakfast was just pathetic.

Jas and I

So afterwards, we met up with 2 Malaysian Malay girls and Bruneian friend 1. We decided to chill at Dal.komm coffee (?) but I didn't think I could stomach coffee so I had the honey citrus tea which was good! But I was feeling so ill (feverish) and drowsy (lack of coffee) that I couldn't properly have conversation. Ugh. We then walked around aimlessly and went to a few shops like typo and kino since we're all stationery junkies. Haha.

Finally ended up at Nando's for dinner! We didn't expect to have dinner together actually. It was just jas and I who planned to have dinner together after everyone left. But turned out Bruneian girl was hungry. So WE MUST FEED HER. I had the chicken Caesar wrap.

I bought my vans 2 months ago I think. And then jas bought her 1 week ago. She was supposed to buy together with Bruneian girl when she's here but jas gave in to temptation. Haha Bruneian girl bought it the day before meeting us. Basically bought it because 2pm and got7 members were wearing this pair so much πŸ™†πŸ»

Photo right before I left since I didn't wanna risk going home too late. Hope to see them again!!!!

No worries because I met jas for a couple more times after this day wtf.

I reached my brother's place at around 8pm and I was DEAD TIRED. I just couldn't function. Brother was cooped up at home studying the whole day since he didn't have plans. So he suggested we go get coffee at Sri P. But I was still super bloated and full from dinner. So I said ok but let me rest for awhile first. I planned to nap for like half an hour. Plus I thought I confirm would wake up since there's a 2pm livestream for their anniversary at 10.30pm.


I napped for like 3 hours???????? Suddenly woke up and panicked. Checked the time and I realized I missed their livestream omfgggggg I was so annoyed at myself. Anyway brother was getting hungry since his dinner was just the Nando's I took away for him. He initially suggested McD but there's really nothing I could eat at McD since it's all heavy stuff. So we changed plans and headed to mamak instead!

In the middle of the night at about 12.30am, I had garlic cheese naan. WHAT. IS. WRONG. WITH. ME.

But I am my own hero. I mean how many girls can care so little and have an entire garlic cheese naan at midnight πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ But ok to be fair I didn't have the entire thing. I had like half of it. But if my stomach wasn't upset, I would've gobbled the whole thing down because it's so good??

Day 252

Saturday, 9 Sep 2017

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chatoyant Same shoes so cool! OK SHOW KINO STATIONARY HAUL can ah? 😁

9 months ago

wailynn (avatar)

wailynn @chatoyant I didn't buy much! Because I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep up with bullet journaling once I start working. Maybe I'll do up another post for this πŸ˜†

9 months ago

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