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Happy Sunday everyone! I shall continue updating. I'm getting really bad at keeping up my Dayre recently.


Ok so initially I didn't have plans on Monday but then it's 4th Sept which is 2pm's 9th anniversary plus it's a public holiday. And somehow the plan was for me to go to Jas' house since I really wanted to see her two dogs and since it's 2pm's anni, it would be great to celebrate with a fellow Hottest (name of 2pm's fans).

Since my brother sounded so pitiful yesterday waiting for me to wake up from my night nap for coffee and I totally didn't wake up early enough, the next day we went to New Chapter for some yummy breakfast yay! Ended up to be brunch since he couldn't wake up wtf.

So right we shared a nutty latte since I couldn't stomach much coffee anyway. I ordered my usual egg croissant whereas he ordered a waffle called David's. Then I'm like where got people eat dessert for breakfast one. It's basically a dessert right so the staff actually asked twice if he wanted it served before or after meal. HAHAHAHAHA. Anyway it came before the croissant so I was helping myself to the waffle too. By the time croissant arrived, we were SO FULLLLL.

They didn't have criss cross fries so they served normal fries instead. Still prefer the former fries.


And then we went back to his place and I chilled before it's time to travel to Jas' place which would take like an hour via LRT. I technically finished reading a whole book during my LRT rides these few days. Hahahahaha. Because somehow whenever I go (from my bro's place), it'll take at least 45 mins to 1 hour. Damn a lot of time to read on the train, even when I'm standing during peak hours ✌🏼

So right, this is 2pm's Taecyeon and he's given hints before that he'd enlist on their 2pm anni and we're like nooooo that's so cruel 😭😭😭 Turns out to be true. He kept it quiet with no press at all. We only found out since there were Korean fans who went to send off their brothers/friends and saw Taec there. He's accompanied by 2pm members, their managers and his family members. He gave up his US citizenship and had to undergo multiple spine surgeries to be legible for Korean army enlistment 😭😭

Look at him standing right in front as a representative. He's so proud to be able to serve Korea. Like during my train ride to Jas' place I was just so sad but at the same time proud of him? Lolllll legit felt like a mum sending off her son off on first day of kindergarten 😭😭😭

Then when I saw this pic of him hugging his crying mum, I just lost it? And started tearing up and sniffling on the train HAHAHAHAHAHA. Drama. Then the uncle next to me kept trying to see what's on my screen because at the same time I was cry-texting Jas and tweeting stuff like "vsjshsskhsshesjdyehwhsksgeejeu" on twitter HAHAHAHA.

My entire day was just like that tbh. It'll be 2 years before he's done serving. Oh and he wanted active duty which meant he had to train in order to do active duty which meant it's a more dangerous position 😭😭😭

Lmfao accurate.

Jas came to pick me up at the LRT station and we both had red eyes and it's clear we both cried HAHA. Omfg

Surawonnnnnnn. I've been craving Korean for super long and yay finally got to have Korean for lunch. We both shared a λΉ„λΉ”λ°₯ and ordered 2 types of meat: normal and marinated μ‚Όκ²Ήμ‚΄. We both prefer the marinated one. We were also so busy checking updates on twitter we weren't even paying much attention to the food.

Then we went back to her place and yay finally got to meet her 2 dogs who are apparently very fierce. I braced myself for it but ended up the 2 dogs really liked me???

Usually the big one would bark and growl or attempt to bite strangers and the small one would be super hyper and would scratch strangers but they both seemed really happy to see me. They allowed me to pat them at first meeting and kept following me everywhere too ngawww. Even Jas' family was surprised at how welcoming the dogs were towards me πŸ˜‡

We then went upstairs and Jas passed me the rest of my albums/official goods/souvenir from Korea and we just chilled till it's time for dinner.

Dinner was roasted chicken from Isetan with croissant and salad etc etc etc. There's so much food!!!! Her family members are all super easy to talk to and the dogs were napping during dinner time. But once we were almost done eating, the dogs woke up and came asking for food. What a timing πŸ˜† Jas' dad still can't believe we met online and became such good friends πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


My days were almost fully packed since I made it a trip to meet my friends who are from Brunei/friends who are based in KL.

Had breakfast with my brother before his class. Went to a nearby Chinese kopitiam via Uber.

I usually don't like to sit on public transport unless I'm blocking the way because whenever I plug in my earphones and start reading, I become super engrossed and won't even notice that the train becomes packed and don't notice if there's any elderly who needs my seat. I feel very bad if that happens even though it's unintentional from my side. I rather just stand and I can be as engrossed as I want to be in my book this way. πŸ˜‚ I'll only look up occasionally to check if I have reached my stop πŸ˜‚

Took the LRT all the way to PJ to meet my high school friend, P for dinner. We didn't know what to eat and she casually mentioned M, who unfortunately couldn't join us for dinner because her work hadn't ended yet, would confirm choose Go Noodle House because that's her current fav. And I'm like LETS GO THERE. Because I've been wanting to try it for the longest time since it's so highly recommended by everyone but just somehow didn't manage to try it until now. It's really so tasty!!!! I love it!

I love the muted flavour of the soup with η±³ηΊΏ which is kinda my fav noodle. And the ηˆ†ζ΅†θ‚‰δΈΈ was so good. It's basically meatball with soup inside and differently marinated meatball inside of it. It's just sooooo good!

Next, we went to pick up M who finished work after we finished our dinner and went to Miru for some dessert. Had this milo Horlicks shaved ice thing? So yums? I'm so surprised because I'm so not a dessert kinda person but this was yums.

We also had the strawberry chocolate toast with vanilla ice cream which was so yums too!!!! Yay! And since M was the only working adult among us (another friend is also a fresh grad from med school lol so she's as jobless as me), she decided to treat us this meal. So paiseh but yayyyyy thank you 😘

Hello. We literally only talked rubbish the whole time but I had such a good time with them. Helps that the counter staff was handsome too 🀣

After that, P drove us all home. Yay thanks!! Or else I'd have to take the LRT back and it's gonna take another 45 mins wtf.


Finally got to spend some time with the boyfriend on Wednesday. I had to meet another Bruneian friend with Jas for dinner so I got to spend the entire morning and afternoon with him first πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

We decided to make full use of the little time we had together by going for dimsum at 8.30am. Those who know him would know he literally HATES waking up early in the morning but he suggested 8.30am in order to spend more time together πŸ’•

We went to Jin Xuan dimsum at Kuchai Lama. It's a place he's been wanting to try. So yay!! The best thing is the fried rice omfg???? I love rice I love fried rice and this was so good! The rest of the stuff were good as well πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Freaking finally found this damn place πŸ˜‚ It's a really funny story. Karmen saw my IG story that I was at her area's Jin Xuan and recommended Neighbourhood cafe since it's super nearby. I searched that name and it said Sri P. And I'm like well ok Sri P is quite near so must be right. It's so difficult to find a parking at Sri P and we went up to level 1 to find that it's under renovation?? But Karmen usually won't be wrong about stuff like this. I texted her and asked properly.

Then only found out it moved to Gembira Avenue and even the name changed to Neighbour's coffee bar wtf. Finally found the place and thought could order my fav coffee right? No. I wanted to order the Hazelnut latte but the person reminded me that it doesn't contain caffeine. I'm like, but it's a latte? He's like, yeah but there's no caffeine in it. I'm all ??????? huh

He went and took out tho milo can lookalike tin of freaking hazelnut powder and explained they'd add water and milk to it only.

I've drank TONS of hazelnut lattes and this was the first time I was told by a cafe that their hazelnut latte isn't actual coffee 🀦🏻‍♀️ Ok so I ordered their flat white and it was bitter, not in the good way.

It's okay! Maybe next time I should actually try the decaf hazelnut latte πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Just chilled and bullet-journaled there. Didn't read the book in this pic because I was saving the last few pages for my LRT ride later. It's called When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi. Highly recommended!

My bullet journal and a couple of pens I brought out to fill up some pages.

Later on around 3.30pm, my personal Uber driver sent me to KLCC because that's where I was supposed to meet Jas first. We were supposed to meet at Kino because I wanted to buy a Korean grammar book. But there was a huge jam and my boyfriend missed a turn and I was late and Jas and I were supposed to meet our Bruneian friend at Pavi at 5pm. I reached KLCC at 4.45pm wtf.


We went to Ben's! It was my suggestion. Hehehehe I feel so proud I actually suggested something that everyone agreed to. Because I usually cannot decision and don't wanna decision because there are just some people who will find fault with your suggestions without suggesting a new suggestion πŸ˜ͺ

So Jas and I were walking towards Pavi using the walkway when I suddenly paused and went all "Ehhhhhhhhh" and saw our Bruneian friend, K walking towards us. HAHAHAHAH she thought we meant KLCC Ben's πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Luckily we met at the walkway or else we would just be waiting at different Ben's without knowing why the other party didn't show up πŸ˜‚ Definitely didn't expect us to meet like that. Our conversations just flowed naturally and we talked for like 4 hours straight and didn't even plan to leave if she didn't have to takeaway dinner for her mum who's in the hotel. It was a really great dinner together ❀️

Another! I'm the oldest among them btw πŸ‘΅πŸΌ They're both '95 liners. Pfft kids.

After dinner, Jad accompanied me to Kino to get the Korean grammar book I didn't have time to buy just now and then I took the LRT back to my brother's place. Finally finished reading the book after so many busy days.


On Thursday, my train ride back was at 2pm. So my boyfriend and I went to Sunway Velocity for Go Noodle house again!!!! Yay. Omg this is the ηˆ†ζ΅†θ‚‰δΈΈ that's so freaking good. By the way my freaking backpack's strap broke because I accidentally ripped it ughhhhhh. So gotta quickly dash around the mall after ordering my food trying to find a backpack to just throw the contents of my bag inside.

And oh my god I underestimated the stuff Jas had for me along with some souvenirs and some brand new books I bought from Jas for super cheap prices. My luggage ended up being so heavy 🀦🏻‍β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»‍♀️

THE AMOUNT OF STUFF I HAD TO LUG BACK TO IPOH ON TOP OF THE CLOTHES I BROUGHT TO KL. So many albums I bought that I got it sent to her place, some albums she bought for me from Korea, some souvenirs and some books.

Socks Jas got me from Korea hahahahahahaha

Oh yea remember I traded photobook with someone on Carousell? I finally opened it and omg I'm so happy!!!! Finally got all 4 versions of the photobook and got BOTH guys for clear cards and retro poster. I'm done collecting yasssss.

Also decided to rearrange all the albums I have in my room. πŸ˜ͺ


Met up with the Chinsluts because guy slut was gonna head back to KL the next day. We went over to Starbucks to chill because I forgot to take lunch and had a severe headache. Oh yea I think the reason I didn't take lunch because I went to take a nap in hopes of reducing the severity of my headache. Thankfully it got so much better after some good Starbucks Hazelnut latte and after a good time catching up with the sluts πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

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Sunday, 10 Sep 2017

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