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Went to roam the wards yesterday mainly to practise our systemic examination for one last time because starting today (Saturday), we're banned from the wards. Sobs. We practised extra long and extra hard yesterday so we deserved this good lunch hahaha. Was starving by lunch time. And could see our glucose level dropping at the end when we totally forgot to put the patient's bed flat for abdominal examination wtf 😂😂

As usual, went home post-lunch for a 1-hour nap.

Decided to go to the Jalan ampang pretty Starbucks but couldn't find parking. Even illegal parking spots were taken up already. So we went to the Starbucks in Great Eastern. Surprisingly a very conducive place to study in. We chose to sit at this long table facing outside and since the chairs were basically tall stools, it kept me sitting straight the whole time and made me feel less sleepy than if I were to sit at some comfy sofa seat. Also, staring at green plants outside helps me focus leh.

By the time we left at 7pm.

Decided to have Korean!!! Just because of this conversation:

Me: Eh there are Koreans sitting at the table next to me.
Marcia: Why so many Koreans here? Makes me feel like having Korean for dinner.
Me: Onz!

That's how. 😂😂 and instead of our usual Chung Wa Dae, I suggested Jal Dae Ji where I had the most amazing pork bulgogi everrrrrrr.

We both ordered the same thing as usual and it was so goooddd. Especially in yesterday's rainy weather. The amount of pork given was super generous and taste-wise, it was as good as ever. For realz.

Came home and wanted to have a 30-minute shut-eye before I shower because I was feeling reallyyyy sleepy. Even asked my boyfriend to wake me up if I wasn't awake after an hour. Guess what?

I couldn't wake up. I could answer my boyfriend's phone call to mumble something and could press snooze.

But I couldn't wake up until it was 3am 😂😂 What the shit. So I've been awake since 3am till now (6am) just sitting around trying to study. I'm as awake as ever. I wonder if I go to sleep now, what time will I wake up? Ugh.

Current study music.

Day 105

Saturday, 15 Apr 2017

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cecewong (avatar)

cecewong im craving for korean and dolsot bibimbap now!!!

1 year ago

wailynn (avatar)

wailynn @cecewong Ikr! Especially since everyday is so rainy and cooling. Perfect for hot food!

1 year ago

diamondaries (avatar)

diamondaries I'm going for korean tonight! lol! how apt!

1 year ago

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