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Maybe I should update?

Continuation of last post which was 1 week ago wtf.

So, we booked a photography studio on Sunday morning. We had a super packed schedule because convo was on Sat (we wanted to take the studio photos after convo because of the scroll), brother would be leaving Ipoh on Sun afternoon and we had to return the grad gown on Monday. Luckily they had an empty slot on Sunday morning yassssss.

We're going to view the photos tomorrow!

After the photography session at the studio which took around 2.5 hours, we came back home to have another session hahaahaha.


The famous window at our house that's overused for ootds 😂 Obviously must take one here to commemorate the most cool ootds ever.

Dad and I.

Hahahahaha this time no pond nearby so could throw freely but damn scared the hat would end up on my roof pulak 😂

At home!

I love this shot! Hahahaha my sis mengada as usual. The house is so quiet now that she's gone back to Glasgow. No one to annoy me 😴

Forgot one whole big chunk of happening on that day. So the next day of convocation, my family had dinner with my boyfriend's family 💆🏻💆🏻💆🏻 We almost died. But thankfully it went well and they even came over to my house to continue chatting for a bit.

Yay fried ice-cream!

Gifts from them!

Omg? This is so damn good???? I'm shook

SO GOOODDDDD. All flavours were good.

It looks like bread but its consistency is actually like biscuits? Um what do you call it ah

His dad gave me KitKat yay!!! There's 4 flavours inside - onde-onde, ice kacang, teh tarik and oops one more I forgot.

We went down to KL to send her off at KLIA and stayed a night at Sama-sama hotel.

We went to our grandma's place first as usual to say goodbye to grandma, aunts and uncle.


While waiting for KLIA transit to go to KLIA2 for dinner because there's really no decent food in KLIA 😪

Hi it's me and my new Harry Potter glasses 🤓

At NanYang kopitiam. We 4 had the same duck egg CKT whereas mum had some fish thing LOL idk what was it. The CKT was super yums!!! Portion was so huge though. Coffee was great!!! 💕

It's time. My sis had some luggage distribution problem and in the end I suggested her to use my bagpack as hand carry. Bye favourite bagpack 😢

Hahahah so cute

HAHAHA actual reflection of their relationship

Also accurate reflection of our relationship

Nah, this is the mostestestest accurate 💕 Bye bye, my everything buddy. See you again next year. Really wish that she could've accompanied me to Jay Chou's concert next Jan though.

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Tuesday, 29 Aug 2017

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