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Can I quit med school to be a full-time burrito?

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Day trip to KL

2 more days to convo omg. The day has finally arrived! It felt like it was just yesterday that we finished our final exam on 22nd April (lol I can still rmb this date because it was really that nerve wrecking). And after exam obviously I was too nervous to function and most of us were just living day to day waiting for results. After results, I was so relieved and was glad I didn't have anything to do until documents submission. After submitting docs, was again glad I could just heh until convo!

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Bali Day 2

Oops forgot to continue my update because after what I managed to post the day before, I had to board my flight and immediately took a cab to come back to Ipoh. And yesterday I was occupied with Legal Mavericks. Oh my god this drama is so good! Initially episodes 1-14 were leaked from Chinese (China) sites but after that I had to wait another 3 weeks before they released episodes 15-28. I'm currently at ep 28 wtf. I watched 13 episodes within one day 😅

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Bali Day 1

Hello all! I'm currently at Ngurah Rai airport waiting for my flight at 3pm and we're just chilling at the cafe till then. So I thought I'd start to update about my trip to Bali.

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