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December 2018

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Paeds Onco

Can you believe 2018 is coming to an end? This year has been a crazy year mainly due to housemanship and uh a bunch of other things. It’s been awhile since my last post. I’ve now graduated from special care nursery and got chucked to paeds oncology peri posting for 2 weeks. Today marks the end of my week 1. Needless to say, I really learn to love everything I do, eventually. People have been afraid to get into onco and have preferred to go for thalassaemia peri instead as it’s more chill.

November 2018

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Little humans

Day 12 into Paeds and I’m only finally getting used to everything. In this ward that is. I’m kinda lucky to always start my postings in the busier ward so towards the end when I’m increasingly exhausted, l’ll go to the more chill ward and relax. I’m now in special care nursery. When I entered, it was also the day our seniors entered day 1 into SCN from general Paeds ward. So they were as clueless as we were. Nobody to ask stupid questions to. Yikes. Freaking scary. Little crying potatoes.

October 2018

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Sacral sore call

One of the most relaxing calls

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Medical forum

Good morning. I’m at a medical forum for the public today organised by MMA Perak. As a volunteer. For photography. That I have no experience in professionally. But whatever to get out of work right? My consultant who’s the MMA chairman was looking for a HO to help with photography today. For a simple forum from 9am-1pm. My captain advised for whoever who’s under him for assessment to volunteer. I didn’t even hesitate. I’ve joined so many events under MMA for him, what’s this one more right?

Eh, haritu dr baru oncall kan?

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