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July 2017

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Happy Sunday everybody! I almost couldn't wake up for this morning's morning run with my parents because I accidentally slept quite late last night again watching some Korean reality show and talking to a friend. When my mum woke me up this morning, I'm like okkk. Then I fell back asleep and totally didn't even get up to get ready HAHA. Then my mum called me again and I just said, I forgot to wake up. Almost fell back asleep before willing my fat ass to get out of bed.

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July backlog

Hello everybody! It's been awhile and everyone keeps pestering me to update my Dayre including my mum wtf. So I shall! Actually it's because there's no electricity at home and I can't watch my usual stuff on my laptop without wifi. Hahahahahaha so it's the perfect time to finally update my Dayre. I'm gonna backlog from the recent events that I can remember #grandma

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HAHAHHAHAAHAHA guess who didn't feel obliged to finish off the previous post? It was 4 days ago. What the. I genuinely thought I'd be able to update but I guess the nua life got in the way. Literally not been doing anything much. So um, it'll be a major photo dump? Um. Hang on, I need to finish watching some videos first hahahahahaha brb.

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