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December 2017

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2017 Rewind

Holy shit is it really 31st December already? I literally thought there’s 2 more days till 2018 but uh obviously I’d been daydreaming. I’m so behind on finishing my 2017 journal spreads and starting a new journal for 2018. So much stress 😂 I’m actually feeling super lazy to update Dayre but I’m now back on here to do a 2017 rewind! Since I’ve been doing this every year, it only feels right to continue this tradition!

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Advanced Christmas gathering with Year 5 Group 1!

Christmas vibes strong!I’ve already planned to be in KL for this weekend and planned to take both Fri and Sat off but another staff took leave before I could fml. She took Thurs, Fri and Sat off. So to minimise the damage, I decided to take Sat and Mon off instead. Since Sat is just a half day of work so even though our leave overlaps, damage is at minimum yay! After work on Friday, I immediately took the 5.45pm train to KL. Tired die me so I just slept through the entire train ride 😌

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Darkest shade of Monday blues

Holy shit I feel so tired???? Ultimate Monday blues. So initially my sister was planning to go to Iceland with her friends then suddenly she texted me to ask privately if my parents would allow her to come home instead because she was feeling homesick and and wanted to escape the winter. I told her most likely they’ll allow la hahahahaha takkan so cruel right? Then she went to ask my mum who was a bit reluctant because tickets would be super expensive. But of course my dad 200% okay with it!

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Seoul Part 3

Hello dayreverse! Another day another long ass post on Korea! I dunno I wrote till which part which day already. Brb checking.

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Seoul Part 2

There’s still remaining 7 days left to post???? I’m feeling so lazy???? But ok since I’ve started, I shall try to finish my Korea posts 💀 Blogging about Korea makes me miss everything so much especially the fall to winter transition vibes, the food and kpop music blasting everywhere. But I definitely do not miss the cold. It’s too much brrr...

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