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Arissa is One! πŸ€—

On the 10th of Feb...

It was Arissa’s birthday!!!! Yes, this little monster is one years old and I CANNOT believe I have been a mother for a year alr!!!! It’s like time just zoomed pass. Any moms out there feel the same way?

Somehow idk if it’s ME? But I think her baby smell is no longer around alr 😭😭😭 of course whatever smell she smells like is heaven to me, even her poop ok??? But her baby smell 😭😭😭 just means she is growing up and it is WAY. TOO. FAST.

It was that day when we came back from HK and my little girl began walking on her own. I cried while filming it cause wlaooooo. I am so proud and yet I miss her being a baby.

(Ok getting real emotional here, let’s just dive into the pictures)

SO, for the ENTIRE month of jan I have been travelling. I went to Korea, landed, then to HK with Arissa and then cruise the very next day. My god. I swear I was DAMN exhausted. Fun, but effing exhausting.


I did a lot of research (again) on various cafes that I can hold her birthday celebration yet. Some of them were really damn expensive. i remembered one of the cafe was $5k?? Excluding the dessert table. ONLY meals and the whole cafe for 3 hours ok. ε€©ε•Š.

So, I settled for Little House of Dreams at Dempsey. They did ALL the planning. I just told them the theme, how I wanted the dessert table to look like and of course a lot of liaising through WhatsApp while I was overseas.

It was so pretty!!!! Must say the carpeted grass was damn apt since the theme was Snow White

This is how the whole dessert table turned out.

I. LOVE. IT. The dress Snow White was wearing was the EXACT one I bought for Arissa. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

By the way the helium balloons lasted damn long ok? 3 weeks alr and it’s still floating. Smtj

πŸ’― effort


Flower pot deserts. One of MY FAV!!



Apple macaroons that don’t taste nothing like apples πŸ˜‚




VERY CHIO RIGHT. Look at the figurine??? Super on point. I wanted to change the design but it was too last min alr. But it’s ok!!! This one will do.

Tho I didn’t get everyone’s feedback but I guess most of my guests were very happy with their food? I didn’t eat much cause I was damn busy walking up and down, trying to mingle with everyone as much as I can.
More like my birthday than my daughter’s birthday πŸ˜…

Husbands direct team, and also my second family. Notice the girls all got bangs. And the guys hairstyle all the same. Swear it’s not planned

Part of our agency

My family and in-laws

My bbs that I have known since 2010.

My mommy friends. So so so happy to have known these bunch of girls πŸ’•

@rachelybq πŸ’•

@runawaycandy πŸ’•

My secondary school flenzzzz

And 1/3 of Arissa’s Godma.

And part of our other colleagues from prudential πŸ’•

Didn’t manage to take pictures AS A WHOLE with the entire agency cause some had to rush off for their own appointments while others came after their appointments.

Yes our colleagues all very hardworking πŸ˜‚

My grandmother, 姑姑 and MIL

My baby trying to blow out her candles.

HAHA SEE, her tongue alr sticking out while cutting the cake. Tamjiak rightttttt




Hahahahaha terrorising kids this girl. Told her to sayang korkor. And this is what she did

So touched and happy by everyone’s attendance. Arissa is really loved by so many and I cannot be any more thankful.

Day 56

Sunday, 25 Feb 2018

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mysnowball hello! can I please have the contact for the confinement nanny whom you engaged last year? thank you in advance!

11 months ago

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