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January 2019

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i always expect the food at the replacement to be worse then it actually is but it’s actually quite good considering how much i dislike cafe foodbut i always order the wrong dish because everyone else had better food than me!!! i never want the burgers but it’s always surprisingly good

i ate at two men bagel house and it was exactly the place i hate especially with the super loud HELLO when you walk in and how they call out your name with a mike to collect your foodit’s especially annoying because it felt like a place i had to fake an english name to make it easy for everyone to say because somehow they got wei lin from wei ling and i really really hate it when that happens i rather they say wei ting or basically anything else

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my adventures in japan through food pics

I’ve been to japan three times in two years, twice solo and I still really, want to go back. I promised myself I’ll visit after 2020 so I can avoid the crowd during the olympics but I don’t think I can stay away for that long.

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