vivian (avatar)
updated 4 months ago

Went to my email to check when’s my first yoga lesson and it was on 15 August!!!!! It has been a good 7 months since I started practicing yoga!! 😊

Have been telling JK that I really like practicing yoga and I’m glad it’s not any fleeting interest!!!

Really hope I can continue doing yoga and to the point where I can practice at home at least 3x a week!!

Day 77

Monday, 18 Mar 2019

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merrywarriors (avatar)

merrywarriors every sentence ends with !!!! 🤦🏼‍♀️

4 months ago

viviannnz (avatar)

viviannnz Excited ma!!!! HAHAHA by the way THE YOGA CLASS WAS WITH YOUUU @ freedom yoga! Rmb??? @merrywarriors

4 months ago

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