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Human body is amazing. 4 (or maybe 3) days ago, I couldnt hold a pincha, and I was aching from insanity fit test so I took a break from exercising for 2 days. Today, after a power yoga and insanity workout, I tried pincha for fun and I could hold 3 seconds. 🤩 love it

April 2019

Kind of understood how I can burn fats when I had training 2/3 times a week and ate whatever I like. I burnt 680 calories from 1hr normal paced vinyasa yoga + 30 min run + 20 slowwww paced workout and walk. Now I believe I can burn up to 1k from 3 hours of handball hahahahahahah

March 2019

Went to my email to check when’s my first yoga lesson and it was on 15 August!!!!! It has been a good 7 months since I started practicing yoga!! 😊 Have been telling JK that I really like practicing yoga and I’m glad it’s not any fleeting interest!!! Really hope I can continue doing yoga and to the point where I can practice at home at least 3x a week!!

I realised that I cant think about how lucky I am cause I will literally jinx myself 🙄 I remember thinking to myself casually “wah quite amazed, never fall sick although I literally spend my days either at work, working out, tuition or studying” And it happened 🙄 URGH had to postpone my IPL and my tuition oh gawdddddddd and I want to workout before going to study for a week!! URGHHHH

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