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December 2018

What is wrong with people who treat Financial Consultants (insurance agents) like their slave and take them for granted? Urghh feeling so angry for JK because one of his client told him not to follow up with her as she will be getting plans from her *new* friend who works for Pru or AIA.

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Imperfect but!!! I manage to straddle up to tripod!!!!

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First time actually learning (with legit warmup) how to do a chin stand!!! Small achievement 😬 Just need to learn to use my abs more!!! Also did advanced from headstand to forearm wheel hehe

November 2018

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Mini milestones! ! !

Please please be safe. I rly cant lose you

October 2018

1) one kopi c siu dai a day 2) less carbs3) more veggie and fruits!!! 4) less toast!!!Expanding at an exponential rate even though I work out 🤦🏼‍♀️

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