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My 21st Birthday

I have been so busy to blog since the day I back. Now, let me summarize all the things that happening from 26th to 28th.

26 Dec, 2013
My family celebrated my birthday with me at a very nice Japanese restaurant, the food there was fantastic and I really enjoy so I have ate so much that night.

Thanks to parents for take care, educating, pampering me and give the things I want. Appreciated! I love you, Daddy and Mummy!

27 December, 2013

My babe is following me back to KL to celebrate my 21st birthday. The day before that, we have already prepared all the things. However, my steam beloved set the alarm at 6.45pm. Seems ntg wrong huh? But our depart time is actually 7.30am. Haha! Finally, we woke at 7.15am, thanks to the call from Winson, if not I also don't know how to do. Luckily, we still managed to reach at bus station at about 7.40am (because we did not take our shower). Phew! What a lucky day!

Selfie photo by my babe. Leng lui o.. Phew Witt..

We arrived my hostel at about 12.30pm. The first expression got from her is like "Ahh, why so messy". Then she helped me to clean up the mess while I'm going to eat my lunch alone. T.T

After we took our shower, she accompany me to my college to attend the last revision class together. Btw, my motive is to let her feel the atmosphere of college life. We are all so concentrate what sir has telling us while she is playing my iPad Mini. We straight to BBKLCC (KLCC and Pavilion) after the class was dismissed.

The first thing we arrived KLCC is to find something to fill our stomach. We decided to Ben's for our dinner even that time was only 5pm. Actually, we choose Ben's because she was crazing for the dessert there.

Lemon Sprite and Ice Peach Tea.

She has ordered a chunky mushroom soup.

And the dessert she was crazing for. This dessert named Macadamia Cheesecake Sundae.

And I ordered a Crispy duck spaghetti as my dinner.

After has our dinner, I brought her to shop around. Eventually, I took her to shopping in KLCC as well as Pavilion.

The night scene of Twins Tower.

The fountain in Suria KLCC.

We took a photo by taking the Twins Tower as background. Sound so romance huh? But my hair is damn funny. Lol. Ignore it if you can.

I knew Christmas was over. But the decoration was still there and I have took some photos for her as memory. Hehe

I bet you laugh when you spot something else in the photo. Haha!

Took a Santa Penguin while back to KLCC. Specially for her best friend, Angela Yyun aka Penguin.

And then, it ended our journey in BBKLCC. Oh ya, forgot to mention that she was always complaining and feeling exhausted while walking through the long pathway between KLCC and Pavilion.
P/s: You need exercise more already. Hehe

I was feeling my housemate must be doing something secretly while I'm outside. And then, guess what? I found a surprise pressie under my pillow. Haha! Although this present was discovered by me before 12am,but I still want to say thank you to all of you.

Eventually, that is a set of Calvin Klein product called Eternity Aqua given by my housemate, Guang, Angel, Lays, Kshen and Kyle. It consists of fragrance, deodorant and after shave balm. The smell of the product is kinda fresh. Thank to my gay mate Mr. Guang for choosing it for me as he knew my current fragrance is almost finish.

This Starbucks tumbler was given by my beloved. This present was really surprised me! Because I would never anticipate she managed to lure me to toilet and tell me a reason that I not even can think off. Within that short period of time, she run to buy it. Appreciated it and thank you. I myself crazing for it but also not willing to buy it due to the price.

This Braun Buffel wallet was also given by my beloved for my 21st birthday. I will take care of it, don't worry ya. This wallet is chosen by both of us and bought it in Gurney, Penang.

The memory photo album DIY by her as well. Very Sui o.. Waiting it to be completed ya!

And here it goes to some of the presents I have received!

An Ang Pau given by Daddy! Hehe

- End of 27 Dec, 2013 -

28 December, 2013

My girl woke up and make the red eggs for me while I was sleeping like a pig. And Lays has took the egg and knocked on my head unwelcomely while my babe is so not willing to knock me. That's why I love her so much. Hee <3 After ate the egg, I grew one year older lo~ In fact, I become officially 21 already. Haha

My girl also helped me to do body massage and facial. My favorite! So comfortable! But the only things I dislike is extraction, too damn pain la. The mask is Icey and cool!

Then,we were waiting the twins, Lee Li Chuen & Li Keat, all the way from Sabah and Sarawak for celebrating my birthday. Gao brother huh? After they have arrived, I brought them together with my babe to have lunch (economy rice) that located near my hostel.
P/s: Does the photo symbolize for East Malaysia? XD

The plan for my celebration tonight was dinner at Korean restaurant and second round in Remedy. Let's rock!

Uncle Jang -Korean cuisine
The taste is quite good and the portion is big as well. We all enjoy the meals very much but those girls are complaining that the smoke is causing their hairs smell so badly.

Selfie photo with beloved by wearing red apron. Looks like a chef ya!

Remedy - Our second round after dinner at Uncle Jangs. Thanks to my course mates by spending time to celebrate birthday with me. Really appreciate it!

Thanks for the cakes! I'm sorry that forget to take photo. However, the cake is Secret Recipe chocolate cakes with sparkling candle too! That really surprised me!

Let's rock! Don't stop the party!

Photo after Remedy! Too bad the another group of my friends went back first. Anyway, hope you guys can enjoy yo! Thanks for coming ya!

Finally, the last surprise was the short clip that incorporate all my friends that prepared by my beloved! Pls view it in Facebook for full clip. I'm touched, seriously! Especially the speech by Li Sheng! Good to have you guys!

Last but not least, I would like to say thank you to everyone who wished me and celebrated with me. I am glad that have you all as my friends. Lastly, I would like to specially thank my beloved @jennifermay for everything that make my 21st birthday so memorable. I appreciated all the efforts you did for all the surprise that just to make me happy! I love you <3

My birthday cake! Thank you my friends!

Day 364

Monday, 30 Dec 2013

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jennifermay (avatar)

jennifermay such a memorable trip and date 😘

5 years ago

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