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March 2019

Officially gonna stop dayre-ing cuz...1. Lazy2. Privacy3. Send the form to change my username since a few weeks back and the team has still not gotten back to me now 🤦🏻‍♀️ BUT I SEE OTHERS GETTING THEIRS CHANGED WITHIN DAYS LIKE WTHHHH IS IT CUZ THEY HAVE MORE FOLLOWERS LMAO But yeah, gonna say goodbye to this place. Maybe I’ll just do a diary or something on my iPad Pro, save everything in icloud for ME MYSELF AND I. B Y E

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6 more book-ins for him, 20 more days of work for me JIAYOU 😭💪🏻

February 2019

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Confidently thought I will know the way home WITH the help of Google Maps. But oh well, me being me, im a freaking 路痴 at night. 🙂

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There goes the long weekend...two more months till the next public holiday 😭

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TOTM for January revolves around Mala. So far I had: • Mala mushroom chips (mehh 不好吃)• Dry Mala (is that how we call it?)• Mala potato chips (can’t eat too much at one go cuz it gets really salty but still pretty good) So now I’m left with my HDL Mala Hotpot with KW, either tonight or Saturday? Sigh, it’s been so long since our last HDL 😭 There’s ALWAYS a queue nowadays 😞 I miss the days when we can just go in immediately without the long ass queue. Sian

January 2019

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Spam-sprayed the insect repellent on this huge ass bee 🐝 before leaving for work this morning. Then I gave my dad a call to clear up the dead body when he’s homed. Geez...哪来的勇气. It was so freaking huge. 🤯

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