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Cannot think of anything yet.

March 2019

Touching moment: I spent my bday this year working on a film for a competition (it’s a 55hours competition to think of story, shoot, edit and submit) and then spent the remaining of the day crying coz of wtv jon said. And i thought like this bday is terrible la. And today the results came out, and we won best film out of 41 entries 😭 the top prize out of 4 categories.

I need some prayers. Im really overwhelmed with school right now 😢And.. jon and i have been on a break for a week now because one fine day (on my bday to be exact luuuul) he suddenly felt that God is no longer in our r/s and he feels very conflicted. And currently from what it is, it’s gna be very probable that he’ll breakup w me, but i’ll only know the answer one more week later. It’s so strange saying this because i’ve already seen him in all my future, but im trying to cometo terms with

February 2019

我还在学校做工。现在已经凌晨两点了。我太累了,但是没有得休息。可是我真的好累 😢 我还没吃晚餐,可是做工都做饱了,也没有什么胃口。最近也只是一天吃一餐而已。很像很可怜 hor? 😅 这个叫做 #学生命吗?最近也是有想是不是应该退学,因为老实说我的心理状态真的很不好,在学校也只是越来越惨,一点帮助都没有。很像很恐怖花那么多时间和金钱在学校卖命,最后只剩一年半的时间就毕业却想退学???可是我也不知道什么才是对我最好的选择。

“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭19:21‬ ‭NIV

Im still at NUS, just finished my work. It’s alr 4am. I needa go to work at 7am. And im having food poisoning. :( halp..?

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