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June 2019

#vsgrannylove moment:ahgong came back with letters and one of them is the pioneers letter where they are given money. belongs to ahma but ahgong opened to read for her.ahma: eh 为什么你开我的信ah,你的meh?ahgong: *reads out to her when the money will be in*ahma: waaah! ohya! ahgong 没有ahgong: *puts the letters on the table* *letters fall to the ground*ahma: eh 你不要这样leh! 以后会给你的!🤣🤣🤣

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All my free time now is used for hustling and chores and loved ones, I barely have time to blog anymore lol but gotta update with #conversationswithjo

May 2019


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I mean.. I have the best husband in the world.I cant. 🖤🖤

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