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August 2018

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I feel so nauseated after teaching today..And I start to have a headache after the class with the kid with that particular grandma (but her attitude is slightly better and today she wasn't constantly sleepy at least!).. and then the 2 kids who are really slow and can't do work independently without me keep pushing them for each question.. 😭😭 I think they were the reason for me feeling overworked for the day.I feel so sick...

I think I'm back to getting addicted to SB :/Expensive.. but that's kinda how it helps me to cope I think.. Ahhh no more PH all the way till November.Will I be able to survive?

Thankful all went well today. I guess let's start afresh and I've to work on my communicating skills better now.NTS: Try to end on time and communicate!

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AHHHHH why the PH is over so fastttttπŸ˜₯It's back to work again alrd and I'm so not feeling it.Why is adulting do difficult? πŸ™

Back to Tuesday again.. sianz! But at least tmrw is a PH! Yes! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰PH on a day I dislike most, happyyyy

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Wearing the 🍳 socks today hehe, too cute 😊

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