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June 2018

03:14Slept and woke up again around 2 plus goinf 3am. My mind keeps thinking about work. Sigh.Well so I watch fairy tail. Continue with ep 37.Ep 37 is nice.I think it's the first time a unison raid happened in the entire show. Unison raid talks about two individual's power merge, to create a more powerful magic. Like the idea of the power of unity. And in the show apparently it's difficult to achieve, even priests with experience can't do it.

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So gloomy and wet. Wna sleeeeep >. <These few days are the days I really needa push through the slight stress of taking over the responsibilities. Again, ALL OF YOU, NONE OF ME LORD! 🙏🙌

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Be assured, only the opinion from the One matters most and He has blessed you with the people who TRUELY loves you; And He is well pleased with you ❤

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Love..Is when you mention something.And he takes it to heart.And when you have forgotten about it,He remembers it still, and then did something for you about it ♡

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