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March 2018

Blessed good Friday πŸ’—It was dark and rainy at 3pm today..And now it's almost 10mins to 6pm and it's clear and bright.Jesus, thankyou for taking that cross for us all and then rising again on the 3rd day.Bcuz of what You did, I can be bold and I have a heavenly Father I'm reconciled with.Thankyou for this unconditional love for us and dying for us even when we were still sinners.

Decisions decisions.Stepping out of comfort zone.You never know if you never try.But when realities kick in..They are just selling the good points and setting you up for success.But obviously is not easy bcuz why then the high turnover rate?

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My go-to favourite kind of breakfast 😊

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Today marks the 100th month that we got together so I made this card for the man. Cuz now so free anw. And not gna lie, I'm pretty proud of this! 😊❀ Tho we didnt meet today, we spent this monthsary tgt in advance. 100th month celebration saw us having a dinner date at a rather secretive place called "little bastard".. which holds some meaning to us in a way..And then we went to ilight as well.Oh and we're going to sentosa tmrw! Much excitement! πŸ–πŸ˜Š

Jesus help me in my life's journey.Help me handle my feelings..And help keep me motovated and faith strong.In Jesus' name I pray, Amen!

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