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Wellaholic: Supplements and more!

Hi guys! Back with another post. Recently I've been approached by Wellaholic to be their ambassador.

For those of you who don't know what a wellaholic is, it's someone who is very focused on their wellness and well-being. Like, an alcoholic is in love with alcohol, a wellaholic is in love with wellness 😂

So basically, this company sells products that are geared to overall wellness (fitness, nutrition and skincare)! They also have IPL and facial sessions which are a complementary (and complimentary!) add-on to people who have purchased their products. Apart from just sales, they also conduct fitness classes and activities to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

I met with 2 of the founders of Wellaholic and they explained all of this to me. I was pretty much sold because I believe that total wellness is achieved not just by popping pills and supplements, but also by making small changes to your lifestyle choices.


So this month, I chose 2 skincare products to bring home and review. I've only been using the products for slightly more than a week so I cannot comment on the long term effects that they promise but I've really seen some changes so far!



The first one was the W+ Flawless Face Serum. What this serum does is that it has an active ingredient, Retinyl Palmitate, that helps increase collagen production to improve skin tautness and increase hydration. I use it every night before I sleep!

Firstly, I gotta say WOW. This serum works better than my Laneige Water Mask and Kiehl's moisturizer combined omg. My face is rly much more hydrated, just after a week of use. Usually after a bath or after washing my face, it feels dry and flaky. But now it feels moisturized but not oily! You know how moisturizer only feels effective the moment you put it on? The effects of the serum last even after a bath so I think it has really penetrated the skin.

Can't comment on whether it reduces the appearance of fine lines or pigmentation because 1 week is too short of a timeframe. I've been using it religiously so maybe I will do a follow up post when I finish the bottle? Haha.




Second product was the W+ Resveratrol. Reservatrol is an antioxidant so it helps to slow down ageing. I take 2 capsules every morning after breakfast :)

It's rly interesting because I researched on reservatrol during my internship at A*Star. HAHA. So I'm finally getting to use it? Hahaha. My research was for skin application but now I get to consume it haha.

You guys have no idea how much effort went into this pic HAHAHAH.

Imagine me, lying down on a beach chair at the condo pool. My Sis' arms holding the serum and sticking her butt out so her feet don't show in the pic. And my bf hovering overhead to take a directly vertical pic. HAHAHAH

I SHOULD TAKE BTS PHOTOS. It's damn hilarious LOL

I guess since supplements are meant to be taken long term, I can't expect to see results that quickly. But the co-founders, Willie and Louis, have AMAZING skin. I am not exaggerating here. Willie asked me to guess his age and I guessed 10 years short. He has been using reservatrol for a long period of time and it really shows. I think he's living proof that it'll work in the long run hahah. I rly wanna look as young as him when I'm his age!!!

Hope he doesn't mind that I insert his pic here. HAHAHAH. GUESS HIS AGE!!!!!

Oh and last but not least... All of Wellaholic's products are either developed in SG or USA and approved by FDA and HSA! So they are definitely safe for consumption and usage ☺



They're having a 40% off sale for all their products now!!!! You can choose from 3 different bundles: Health, Skincare, Fitness. So you'll get to try them all HAHAH.

Also!! Stay tuned because they have something nice for my readers/followers 😏🌈

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