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November 2018

Murphy's law is really prevalent in my life. I've been missing my usual buses by one or two mins recently, causing me to wait 10 mins fort the next batch of buses.But today, when I am going to CY house instead, MY BUSES ARE HERE. and I just missed the only bus to CY house. What the heck.

Maybe I'm back to continue my random ramblings~Like watching Love in the Moonlight at 1.34am and finding it weird that the Crown prince is getting so chummy with a eunuch who is technically a guy lol. He's talking to "him" like a girl.

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When I thought it's time to get me one of them, it's sold 😭

August 2018

The home doesn't even feel like a home anymore

June 2018

Bringing back all the "what ifs" after seeing your Instagram stories. It's been so long and so nostalgic. Can't believe I dreamt about reconciling after that lol. And also why can the feelings of confusion of 2010 come back so easily. Still as heart wrenching as ever. Seeing both of you makes me feel like I still know you guys.Issit freaky if I say I miss you both? I guess it will be in your words.

February 2018

Went to dabao dry ytf for dinner at 9:15PMAuntie didn't give me a packet of soup.Asked auntie. Auntie said can only give me if I buy above $5. Simi logic is this??? Do you have to be so niao. I alr bought six items lor -_-

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