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April 2019

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Had this conversation with another head and I was in a state of shocked I just broke all language barrier between us hahahahaha

March 2019

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I haven't taken such a crowded train home in a long while and the smell is unbelievable. All sorts of smell wtffff

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Today was a bad day for me and you were the receiving end of my negativity. Made a fuss immediately after waking up and almost throughout the day. But thank you for being so patient with me all the way.For making me Milo in the morning. For trying to appease me even though you dunno what's wrong. For heating up food for me. I say it all the time but it's never enough. I'm so lucky to have you :')

February 2019

Me to CY: Is captain Marvel from DC or Marvel?

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Major pet peeve. There's timing there for a reason. If I can make it earlier or after the timing to suit you, lucky for you. But if I can't, shouldnt the driver STILL be able to make it at the timing I booked? It's so irritating that they're trying their luck. Happened a few times already man.

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