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Taj Mah Heart: First trip to India! Part 2

Holy moly didn’t complete my India post!!

Went to Taj Mahal (excites!!!!!!!!!) the day after conference and boy was I excited.

Our tour guide gathered us here before entering to briefly tell us about the history and the dos and don’ts while we’re inside.

Now would you just look at this beauty.

The Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan in memory of one of his wives, a Persian princess. This tomb is the central focus and everything built in and around it was supposed to be symmetrical. However the construction of his own tomb did not take place and he was rested in this same tomb as his wife.

Took this before we entered the tomb. Our guide told us that the architects who built this even thought about how to maintain this building should there be any natural disasters. The four minarets (this tall structure on the right of my photo) that frame the tomb are designed to fall outwards instead of inwards.

The view at the back of the tomb. Photos were not allowed inside the tomb so we could only take photos on the outside.

Quickly took a shot before it got crowded. This was at the back of the tomb as well.

Mandatory tourist shot. Forgot to remove my mask lol.
Really glad we got to visit this UNESCO site and thankful to have a guide who is patient enough to explain everything to us.

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Sunday, 3 Feb 2019

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