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November 2017

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How pretty can a bottle of cleansing oil be? Spotted this at a department store in Okinawa years ago, couldn't resist and bought two bottles, and it's about time the world (the toilet I mean) gets to admire its beauty. Not sure if I can ever discard it even after the contents are gone.

August 2017

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Do pardon my lacklustre photography skills (I need a new phone). Took this right after my student walked out the door so looked a bit cui. Finally jumped onto the bandwagon at this- my virgin attempt at lash extensions- all cos of an upcoming wedding this Saturday. No lah, the truth is, there was an ongoing promotion heh. Can't believe this is the everyday look..definitely needs some getting used to. My eyes look so dramatic now! The hubs just noticed them and gave the nod of approval. Yay!

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Yup, just cos it was my birthday yesterday, nah actually blatantly cos I'm a shopaholic, I proceeded to make a purchase of 7 tops in a single transaction. Whoops! Oops...I am clueless on how add another photo on the same post entry. Oh mine

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Pardon my rash-plagued lips, it's been one huge challenge since months ago. Herpes, stress, really??? Anyways, the point of this shot is to show how funnily strange I look with these Cosrx blemish stickers. Did you notice them if I hadn't mentioned? They look really obvious to me though, the first thing I would notice at an instant. Just received them yesterday and am hoping they would work at combatitng the constant appearance of zits and blemishes esp on my chin and forehead. Boo

June 2017

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And so I've succumbed. Chatted with this Carouseller and after a round of questions, I just met her to get it. How could I not? She is so patient at replying my endless list of queries (yes I am a very careful shopper) and besides, lavender is an irresistible scent and lilac is my all-time favourite color. Absolutely cannot wait to try it out tonight! And hope it will help tuck me in sooner. Oh and keep my emerging dark spots at bay 😥 I'm so late at this anti-aging game I know. #skincare

SleepThe recent weeks of privation of sleep has taken quite a toll on me. Not that I am sick, so I'm not complaining and am in fact thankful. Perhaps it was due to a maelstrom of emotions of late, or more so particularly in the past 2 weeks. Mainly over people. A family couple's marriage that is breaking down despite our attempts to help since January, a member's reluctance, so should I say, failure to see how including people in her life can help her grow and mature. So on and so forth.

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