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IKEA / Punggol Prawning / NDP 2016!

Ended off our work week with dinner at Ikea with #kkkxoxo on Friday!

Nom nomπŸ˜‹


Roy and J photobombing us at the back. πŸ˜’

Guess where we went to after dinner? Prawning!!!

It was my very first time prawning so I was really excited! πŸ˜… Noob me hasn't done a lot of things in my life (and that includes pool/snooker/billiard).

We went prawning at Hai Bin Punggol and the pricing was quire affordable. You get 1 prawning rod for $18/hour. 3 hours promotion is $33 so people usually just purchase the 3 hours package.

Within 3 mins of casting my rod, I got my first catch!!! Yay!! #beginnersluck

This 2 damn lovey dovey. Prawning also must hug. @nixxek

Not bad for a first timer I guess! We got 23 prawns in 3 hours lol.

Good house wife aka cousin-in-law @amley helped to poke the prawns with the satay skewers and washed them clean. Felt like a useless human right beside her πŸ˜‚

You'll have to poke it through the tail of the prawn all the way up.

Ready for BBQ! They provide the skewers and salt for free.


Weeeee our prawns!!!

Yesterday morning, while I on my daily routine of drinking a cup of hot milo and reading the news.... I came across a familiar face. It was my friend's picture printed on the newspaper. The headline read that a driver had killed a pedestrian during an accident.

There was photo of another man right beside my friend's. First thing that when through my mine was, "what happened?!? Was he the pedestrian or was he the driver?!?" Either way, it wasn't good news.

At first I was in disbelief... Maybe it wasn't my friend. Maybe it was just someone who really resembles him.

But upon reading the article, the name confirmed that it was him.

He was the driver.... Charged for reckless driving and causing death of a pedestrian on the pavement.

I was just so shocked... He was from the same university as me. Although we were from different courses, we would bump into each other at the canteens quite frequently.

He was a high flyer in my eyes. Getting awards and was working in a bank. He had a bright future in front of him. I rmb seeing his Fb updates just 1-2 months ago and would never have expected this to happen.

The news article read that he was found guilty and would be serving a 6 months sentence in jail. 😞

I was so sorry to hear the news.. Hope he gets an early release for good performance in the next few months.

Everyone, please please drive carefully. Drink-driving or not, please think of your loved ones when you are on the roads.

You wouldn't want your close ones to be involved in an accident. Don't speed, that's what I always tell Roy but he doesn't listen. πŸ˜₯


Went to catch the NDP preview with Min and Kexin + J!!!

Didn't take the media seats cos it would mean I couldn't sit with my friends. So we got public seating instead. The view wasn't that good but I'm still happy and grateful that I was able to watch the NDP live after 15 years!!!

The last time I went was in primary 5 since it was compulsory.

Lolol guys I'm really damn enthusiastic about NDP one HAHHAA. Every year, my family will gather & watch the NDP on TV WITHOUT FAIL.

Bought some finger food to fill my stomach!

$8 for this. This is how they earn money during events one right. πŸ˜‚

Super siao on that I got my gear on! NONE OF MY FRIENDS WANTED TO PUT THE TATTOOS WITH ME LA!!!! NVM I enthu by myself.

I WAS ENTHU I TOLD YOU ALL RIGHT. So I brought my camera + 1 prime lens + 1 zoom lens to the NDP hoping to snap some nice photos for my blog......



YEP I really live up to my #burdendoll name 😭😭

We did the Kallang wave!! 🌊🌊🌊

Unicorn without wings flying into the air! I love all horses, ponies and unicorn cos of my Chinese zodiac 😁

Military band marching in 🚢🚢

Uniform groups.

The military didn't march past the west sector that we were sitting at 😞 So no cute army guys to see la sian. HAHAHAHA.

Towards the end, people from APSN, SAAS, Pathlight school, etc came out to perform the songs in sign language.

I was almost tearing at this point cos I was very gan dong 😭😭😭 I have a sister who has Down Syndrome so it was very heartening to see them happy to be part of the celebrations!

Some of them were jumping and grooving to the music excitedly!! πŸ˜€

They dance even better than us normal adults??

This year's theme focuses more on the future of Singapore so there were lots of lights and drones, etc.

Indoor pyrotechnics!

#enthudoll is enthu k. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Thank you @nuffnangsg for the tix!!!!!!! I want to go again next year I say first HAHAHAHAHAAHA @chrislovee

I absolutely love soaking in the celebratory atmosphere and singing along to all our national day songs! πŸ˜„πŸ˜›

#nuffnangsg #neccentricxndp2016 #ndp

OMG #peanutpompom sleeping like this!!!! So cute my baby!!

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