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Woke up with a bad backache and stomachache.

Stomach’s been churning. Lots of pulling and tightening but it’s not cramps.. just all sorts of uncomfortable :(

My period is over so I don’t think it’s got anything to do with it. Ya I was bleeding in BKK lolol!! Still had lots of energy and ran here and there WITH NO CRAMPS!!!

I ate Evening Primrose Oil + Omega on the first day of my period on Tuesday. And i think I ate another time on Wednesday. Flew off to BKK on Thursday. No cramps at all!!

So yesterday my Mum came home after work and saw lots of packages ready for mailing. Her standard reaction was to kpkb.

I was trying to tally all the parcels and the excel sheet and had to re-count everything cos there was a mini crisis. Ame was to drop by after work at 7pm to send me to the post office since she has a car and could help me push everything in a trolley.

As I was tallying and counting all the packages, my mum stood there and asked a lot of questions.

“So many packages how you going to carry???”

“How you gonna handle yourself??”

“Amelia got car she can come and send you”

“Why isn’t Amelia coming?!”

At the point I couldn’t afford to be distracted so I just nodded and continued counting and counting. Then my Dad told my Mum to stop because he saw I was busy concentrating on my work. And he told her off, “they already got it sorted one. Don’t need to think also know.”

After I was done counting, I told her ya Amelia was coming in a few hours and we were gg to the post office together.

Everything was peaceful after that.

7pm came and Ame appeared at my doorstep. We borrowed my neighbour’s trolley and began to load the parcels on them.

When we were loading, my Mum started asking a lot of questions again.

“Where is the post office?”

Omg.. seriously it wasn’t helping at all coz obviously we already checked the operating hours. 😒

I got frustrated and told her off, “are you going to help?? Why you ask so many questions?”

Then we left home. Spent a few hours outside at the post office, had dinner and did some shoe shopping with Ame cos she needed to buy slippers for her office. But we went home with 1 new pair of shoes each 🀭

Got home and went into my Mum’s room to find her asleep..

And then everything came to me.

Why was I so harsh to my mum?
Why did I tell her off the way I did?
Why did I not just tell her that we already checked SingPost timing and we could make it in time?

Why did I not speak properly? Why?

Why is it that the people who made me who I am today had to deal with me when I was rude? The people who taught me to be kind. The people who taught me to be humble. The people who loved me at my worst.

I am their baby. I am their kid. And that is why they are always overly-concerned about me.

Just writing this to serve as a reminder to myself to be patient with my family members. If I can be patient to my friends, to outsiders, to strangers, etc, I can be even better with my family.

There will be day to day conflicts and stuff going on, but don’t forget this is my home. The home that welcomed me back after I went through shit outsider. The home that keeps its doors open for me 24/7, any time, any day.

Nobody. Nobody will love me the way my parents do. Nobody will ever care for me like how my parents, sisters and brother do. Nobody is gonna rush down to the hospital if I ever get into an accident other than my family and @Amley .

In November, we celebrated my Daddy’s birthday. He turned 65. This is a very raw photo of all of us in PJs

I was so sad to celebrate his birthday... because it meant that he was growing older and will leave me one day. I tried to contain my tears while singing the birthday song.

The next day & week, I told my sis and friends that my Dad is dying. Not like dying but ya you know. If he lives till 70, that means I have 5 more years with him. 5 years ONLY.

If he lives till 75, I have 10 years.

How do I want to spend the remaining of my parents lives?

I want them to be happy.

I need to make the best of every single day.

I know it’s damn drama but I cried when I rejected my CEO face to face about the 2 years relocation. Cos I told him my parents aren’t any younger and I want to be here as much as I can. My family needs me.

I cannot move out. My mum can’t walk properly. My sister goes missing and now and then. When she’s triggered (out of nowhere, very unpredictable one), I have to be there for my family to share the burden everyday.

My family isn’t the perfect family with all smiles all day. No worries about finances and stuff.

But I cannot forget they are what made me, me.

They are why you know me the way I am now. Resilient, strong, hardworking.

I don’t know how I will be if I was born into another family. Maybe less stressed about money. But I may not care so much for other people. I may not take a second look at others when I’m outside wondering if they are okay or need my help.

We had a helper all along but these few months have been trying cos we no longer have a helper. So basic stuff like household chores, we have to split it among ourselves (although mostly it goes back to my Mum). And we have to take turns to take care of my sister. So it’s really not easy.

Wow, maybe things happened in my life the way they did so that I can be stationed at home here.

Sia la drama sia write until can cry HAHAHAZ SOBBING AT THE SOFA. Omg did I just become one of those annoying people who post pictures of themselves crying. Before you want to say me I say myself first la.

I’ve been thinking lately if I’m too much of an empath??? I really feel people very easily. And when people tell me their stories, I tend to cry cos I feel for them so so much? Is like they haven’t cried yet I already started crying and feeling sad for them.

Or when my friends tell me stuff, I get very angry for them and they start laughing cos they wonder how come I can get so angry when it didn’t even happen to me. LOLOL.

Hahaha omg someone just knocked on the door to say they provide free mattress cleaning for the dustmite and she was damn shocked to see me cos my eyes and face were red from crying. HAHAHAHA.

I’m okay la I’m not sad or anything!! Just that I feel a lot when I get reminded of things.

Now I need to take out my laptop and start working liao!!

By the way if you’re wondering how come recently I never wear makeup also quite δΊΊζ · can go out.. is because I GOT MY LASHES DONE HAHAHA.

This was me in BKK with no makeup and someone recognised me in this state even when I was wearing mask cos she said my eyes were pretty. I give full credit to my parents for giving me their eyes and lashes from @/lashfullybyjenn (IG!!)

Okay so usually I go to Yuki, y’all know cos I’ve been a paying customer for years le. And recently she has been sponsoring me her service, which I’m very thankful for! But her location is quite far for me now (Toa Payoh) and I no longer work near there. Last time my previous job was near Toa Payoh mrt. And I understand her services don’t come cheap. I’ve had a few friends who went there also!! Mostly quite satisfied with their lashes.

But it is xiao ex la I agree.

I went to Moonlash last year cos my colleague goes there and she asked me to try. I paid for the service but didn’t like the lashes AT ALL. 😭😭 it was not the fluffy kind style that I want and was very Ah Lian. Idk if you know what I mean but it was very thick. I showed her what I previously did with Yuki which I was very satisfied with and she said “there were a lot of holes”.

But I like the holes!!! Not the big lobang holes but the airy feeling!!!

The lashes were gone in a week idk why. Maybe I hated them so much I didn’t bother taking care of them. And I never returned of course..

I’ve had a couple of lash studios approached me for sponsorship. Some quite popular cos they sponsored influencers that I know. But I was reluctant to try. I saw some of their photos and they were either too thick ah lian for me (you know I already very ah lian LOLOL) or too natural for me. I already have quite thick lashes IRL. So if I do lashes, it has to be the RIGHT kind that enhances my eyes but not too overwhelming.

Some styles are very natural until I think I don’t need them at all πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

So I was planning to get my lashes done by Yuki since I was heading to BKK but an emailed came in one day. It was from Jenn, and she recently opened her small home studio & invited me to try.

I took a look at her IG and said okay I will try but please note I will only share if I liked the lashes. She said sure.

Her location is at CCK and the bus drops me directly below her block so it’s very convenient for me!!!

She’s quite new and I was a bit worried that I might not like the lashes.

But nvm la just try la! I told her I usually do D curl but she only had C curl. She said she’s still sourcing for soft D curl lashes. And now I realised oh ya last time my D curl strands were thick.

Opted for 3D fluffy lashes, unlimited strands.

And I liked them omg!!

Btw her lash glue has NO SMELL AT ALL. Not even a faint smell! Milly’s one smelled like the elephant super glue my goodness.

Sorry nvr comb properly. πŸ˜‚

Lashes always enhance my double eyelids 😝😝

Omg my brows could use some trimming lol!

HAHAH my photos really no effort sia. This was me lazing at home on the couch with no makeup.

Iphone portrait mode is very nice but it removed my spectacles frame🀣

Overall I want to say I’m very satisfied with Jenn’s lashes!!!!! But I do wish to have more qiao curls so hopefully she has new lashes the next time I go! Otherwise, this is fine but I think I wanna add more lashes. Anyway is unlimited de!!!

Part of her menu! $60 damn cheap??? And if you quote me, you get $12 off leh. $48 for unlimited strands siao bo.

Great for your wallet and your face HAHA. $12 can buy 4 cups of Koi milk tea 😘😘😘😘😘

I wanted to book her for CNY then she told me quickly reserve cos got people messaged her after I tagged her on IG a week ago. I didn’t even say much on my IG story. Merely tagged her and there was 300+ clicks into her profile. I forgot to check after 24 hours though!!


I know some people prefer to go big or go home with very thick and obvious lashes but that’s not my style cos really.. I’m Ah Lian enough. I don’t need thick lashes to complement my personality hahaha. I like that kind you can see each fluffy strands. Not spider lashes of course.

And so far XB NEVER COMPLAIN?!??? You rmb usually XB hates it when I do my lashes πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

This is @/lashfullybyjenn account on IG. I usually Telegram her!

Sometimes she a bit cold in her replies HAHAH but I realised she’s just like that. Like XB like that. But IRL very nice de.

That time she sent me her CNY slots and I was like wtf so little left so I quickly booked already.

Btw I’m not paid to write all of these. I did enjoy free service on her for like $60-$70. And I’m not those lame people free things confirm post one. If I like then I’ll post. You go through my agency for a paid blogpost + IG is 4 digits cost. This one $60 only I so gian png and post for free (if I didn’t like it) and only “gained” $60 is stupid. So ya only when i like then I’ll share!

Just turned to the kitchen cos I realised there’s no sound & disturbance coming from Pompy then I realised omooo this girl sleeping!!

So soundly! It’s raining now and she’s gonna have such a great nap.

Gonna send her for grooming for CNY also! 美美 cute cute ☺️

I know I did the 10 years challenge but let’s also care about this!!!!!!! I haven’t updated much about my lifestyle but I am still on it!

I even went to find recyclable polymailers and all. πŸ˜‚

Today XB has an important thing so I had to run through with him. Initially he said I didn’t have to cos I was busy but NOOOOO it’s always better to be fucking over-prepared than not at all. Really.

At least you know you prepared and gave you all. Instead of just whack and see if you do well or not. With enough preparation, there is 80% of success.

So we went through it via video call for an hour. Fingers crossed for him!πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’ͺ🏻


Eating my dinner then suddenly XB needed some support lolol so I had to calm him down.. really lor this XB gonna die without me confirm. If he succeeds and get rich next time, better don’t forget me kns.

We are still packing and sorting!!!

Some OOS have also been refunded today.

Don’t panic ok I won’t run one if not you can call police HAHAHAH. @cherriwong lololol

Rushed out to stock up Peanut’s food and bought bbt but forgot to bring my carriers 😲

We bought food home for mini steamboat again muahahah!!

Steamboat!! Sorry let me eat first ok. Today I only had one meal. This is my second!

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Thursday, 17 Jan 2019

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fyeaheunice (avatar)


1 month ago

annabelltan (avatar)

annabelltan hi may I ask how long does the lash last for before it needs touch up?

4 weeks ago

checklistmonster (avatar)

checklistmonster Maybe u r a HSP (highly sensitive person), which isn't a bad thing!

4 weeks ago

alletsxoxo (avatar)

alletsxoxo I feel you!! I also cried while reading your dad’s birthday post cause I was also thinking about my dad.. 😭😭😭

4 weeks ago

warmwater (avatar)

warmwater i really feel that u r such a genuine, warm and kind hearted yet strong soul. i hope my daughter can be someone like u in future! :)

4 weeks ago

gln11 (avatar)

gln11 Tks for the reminder regarding the way we treat our friends vs our family. And also, I’ve not stopped and think that my 65 years old parents will soon hit 70! We keep thinking about ourselves but not them πŸ˜₯

4 weeks ago

infj_yun (avatar)

infj_yun Your part about your dad made me tear up sobs. & I feel you, I’m always feeling WAY TOO much. I cry so easily lolol

4 weeks ago

joopleberry (avatar)

joopleberry Being a parent and seeing how my 5 year old talks to me made me truly realize that our kids really do mirror the way we talk to them. There are times when I’m not so patient and lashed out, and I’m getting a taste of my own medicine. Then I think back and realized when I’m rude to my parents or when I’m not very patient with them... it’s because I’m just mirroring the way they spoke to me when I was young too.

Not pointing any fingers here, but just saying that it’s not truly your fault that you don’t respond kindly sometimes.

When we are aware, we can do better next time :)

4 weeks ago

urbandoll (avatar)

urbandoll @fyeaheunice SHE SO NAUGHTYYYYY!!

4 weeks ago

urbandoll (avatar)

urbandoll @annabelltan usually I don’t touch up and leave it on for 4 weeks and change a new set!

4 weeks ago

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