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My #10yearschallenge lolol! Had to find photos taken in the same angle.

I love you my braces.

That was taken on my 18th birthday! My brother got married on my birthday and my dad insisted I not celebrate because ε†²ε–œ LOLOL. So yeah I didn’t celebrate my 18th birthday. But I had a good time at my brother’s wedding so it was okay!

My cheer friends celebrated my birthday like a week after for me. So yeah it was year 2009 but I just turned 18 when I was suppose to be 19.

Same thing here, 2019 but I just turned 28 haha.

The before photo doesn’t look that bad right? πŸ˜…πŸ˜… Cos I had already removed my braces by then. And you can see I was slowly shedding my baby fats & my chin was showing.

Don’t know what was this amy winehouse style I was going for. I was just missing some white stuff in my hair. 🀣🀣

And ya.. I had abs. Real rock solid abs 😱 Cheerleading training was crazy really. I think we trained thrice a week and on other days we were running & all? Can’t remember but it was damn rigorous especially nearer to competition.

People lift weights but cheerleaders lift people ok. It is NOT easy to be able to do whatever cheerleaders do. You gotta be agile, strong, flexible (not me), and lock well.

Ame came over after work to help pack the stuff. Lolol. We spent 3 hours packing and only managed to clear 1 luggage. We brought back 4 luggages, not including our own stuff. πŸ€ͺ

Will drop by the post office tomorrow. First batch will be mailing out. And tomorrow I will start informing those whose orders have issues like partial OOS or fully OOS.

Some people very poor thing, all their items OOS 😒😒

I’m not sure if
1) the designs I chose were off season so supplier didn’t have a lot of stocks
2) the designs were too popular that a lot of resellers took a tonne of them

Really not sure but yeah.. just trying to do some stuff that makes me happy...

Before I start a real 9-5 job... that may require me to give up this entire online life that I have.

Someone from the institution did mention about “her (my) fame” and I’m really not sure if it’s gonna affect my job or how my employer/clients will see me.


Omg found some photos of an ex and me🀣

@crystalcastles can you guess who this is

We had a lot of fun times together but as usual I was super kp and it wasn’t healthy for the relationship. In fact I think I was too mean cos I used to laugh that he was stupid :(

I was in Uni and he was still in poly so yeah.. I admit I was mean ok.

He was a really nice guy and still is I think. We just weren’t compatible and I’m glad he has found someone right for him!!

Just realised I dated quite a few guys from all-boys school??? I wasn’t from an all-girls school but the guys in my school were shit and way too cheena for me. I mean I’m cheena of course but I can do both.

I think I dated guys from.. Cat high, maris stella, ACS, St pat’s & Montfort. LOLOL 🀣

Missing SJI, RI, Hwa Chong, St Gab’s & VS.

Btw last time dating is really dating go out eat and watch movie ah. Never hold hands even hahahah. But got like each other la.

First batch going out today~~~

Idk how to go to the post office cos I can take a grab but how do I carry all of these?? HAHA. I already packed some into a luggage.


Doing work now!

Hope you are having a nice day, whoever is reading this 😊 If you’re having a bad day, 2.5 hours till knock off. Rush home, take a nice shower, and watch some shows. Read something. Do something that makes you happy 😚

Showering makes me happy sia HAHAH. I love to shower!!!

Booking a flight out next month for a yoga retreat πŸ’•

Took a cold shower cos it’s getting too warm lately. Making noodles now and I’m gonna continue with all the packing~~

Please give me time ok! I need to check through every single order and slowly inform OOS & all. Imagine 300 ppl message me and ask if their items OOS or if got new stocks😭

Looking at countless 10 years challenge posted on various platforms and I have one big conclusion.


If you have been thinking of it for a long time and are worried about the inconvenience...

I can tell you, the money and hassle ARE WORTH IT. The pain will be worth it!! It’s just some soreness once a month when you tighten them.

You will also master the art of cleaning your teeth with your tongue when outside without a toothbrush, trust me.

If money is an issue, the please save up whatever you can do so it!! I think there are some clinics that offer instalment plans.

I loved my braces so much I cried when I had to remove them. And then I slowly started to like my new smile.

My smile is proudly brought to you by National Dental Centre. I was a private patient there but if you are still schooling, you can join the queue for subsidised costs.

My teeth has shifted now because I didn’t wear my retainers for the first 2 years after I removed my braces. But they aren’t that bad. I’m even contemplating to do braces again.



SingPost situation

The queue at SingPost was v long and I was filling the registered mail paper while arranging the parcels on the floor cos if you mass mailed before you would know you need to give them the parcels according to the list that you provided.

The queue was damnnn long and Ame came with a trolley full of even more parcels HAAHA. Not sure how many people were cursing us at the back honestly πŸ˜‚

We weren’t the last in queue. In fact we weren’t one of the last. But we became the only people left in the post office!!!! Other guy standing there is a staff.

Omg really kudos to the service counter guy for being SO extremely patient with us! Helped us weigh everything and stuck the stamps while we threw everything into the rice sack!!

Yes we had a rice sack again and this time, it was full to the brimπŸ€ͺ

Ame was wearing our new stuff top to bottom!!!

Mildly upset and came across this on FB. Instantly reorganised my thoughts and emotions.

Breathe. πŸ™πŸ»

Today we finally had a bit of time to talk. Was on video call for an hour this morning πŸ™‚ Needed to clock enough quota for all the missed hours when I was away lol.

So this guy... was telling me he’s very scared and uncertain about things because he is probably going to stay in NL for quite a while. And I’m likely going to be based in SG because of my career. I told him it’s okay cos we are in no rush to settle down or be together physically.

He’s probably coming by SG in the next 2 months so yeah we will see each other yay!!!! But not for long. Well, better than not being able to see him right.

Actually we are doing really surprisingly well for a LDR and I honestly wasn’t expecting this. I guess it’s the maturity and age. We don’t expect a lot from each other like talking every single minute but small efforts go a long way. We treasure each time we get to talk or even reply texts when we are both online at the same time.

We treasure the time when we manage to catch each other at the correct free time window to talk for a while. All these things I never considered or cared for when I was in a normal relationship.

Time and age really make you appreciate things better.

So thank you life, for letting me experience what I had to go through. 😊

Day 16

Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019

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elektriccc (avatar)

elektriccc Just curious - wasn’t cheer super strict about flexibility? I went for some sessions but really couldn’t do it so I stopped going πŸ˜‚ How did you manage the splits and other items? Genuinely wondering because I found cheer tough!

1 month ago

urbandoll (avatar)

urbandoll @elektriccc I was lucky! Like really lucky.. because my locking skills were good, I’m so shameless to write it here but yeah I was the best in my team at that time la. My team was noob cos we were a new CCA in school. There were other girls who were more flexible than me but couldn’t fly well because of their locking skills so yeah. Flying is important. My coach liked me and really trained me a lot but he didn’t force me on the flexibility part πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

1 month ago

crystalcastles (avatar)

crystalcastles I know!! HAHAH

1 month ago

nataliecwx (avatar)

nataliecwx Hello Keline! Do you mind replying me to my DM please? (:

1 month ago

urbandoll (avatar)

urbandoll @crystalcastles 🀣🀣🀣

1 month ago

urbandoll (avatar)

urbandoll @nataliecwx hey Nat, could you please dm me again cos I don’t know which is your IG handle! I searched the same one as you Dayre username but it doesn’t look like youπŸ˜…

1 month ago

shermeenyxiee (avatar)

shermeenyxiee Cheerleading ftw!!! ✌🏼

1 month ago

xinmeimei (avatar)

xinmeimei Why do i feel like i also know who is the guy in the 1st pic of u and ur ex lolol but i may be wrong hahahahaha

1 month ago

bestdressed (avatar)

bestdressed thank you Keline for all your hard work!! ☺️

1 month ago

urbandoll (avatar)

urbandoll @shermeenyxiee GO FIGHT WIN!!

1 month ago

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