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Hello Dayreverse!

Checked in safely in my hotel room. Took a quick shower and am masking now while waiting for my instant porridge to be ready hehehe.


Waiting for food hehehe.

Pad Thai at Platinum Mall cos we want to stay away from the sun lolol!!

Double Pocket Romper, comes in 2 colours. Olive & Squash.

There’s a zip at the back. Super comfy and easy to move around in!

$15. DM me on IG to order ok! (@/urbandollsg)

I took this Squash while Ame took Olive cos I bought too many green outfits today liao HHAHA!

Basic Button Down Spaghetti. Comes in Nude, White & Black. $10 only!!!

Extremely easy for mix & match.

Not sure if it’s my age but I found us gearing towards longer skirts and dresses.

This Ally Skirt is stretchable and can fit UK6-UK8. Got 3 colours. Black, Mustard & Light Khaki. $15 only!

Measurements all on IG (@/urbandollsg)

Here’s me in black!

And Ame in Mustard!

Go watch my IG stories ok!! Let me know if you all want me to do IG Live tonight also can 😘

I’m wearing the Resort 2 piece set today! $18 only. All prices inclusive of normal mailing.

Only comes in Olive!

The pants are stretchable and fits UK6-UK8. All the measurements are on my IG story!

Ame is standing at 1.61m and 48-49kg. She wears usual blogshop size S - M. And is a big UK6 - small UK8.
Ame’s waist is 28 inches.

I’m standing at 1.6m and 40kg. I wear usual blogshop size XS - S. And am a UK6!
My waist is 24 inches.

Keep your orders coming in!!

It’s Friday so I don’t think a lot of y’all will be free to watch live so I will probably go live tomorrow night on Saturday! What chu thinkkkk?

I can try out the clothes and let you see😚

Realised I missed out a photo of Ame wearing Illusion Flare Pants! This is size M :)

Day 11

Friday, 11 Jan 2019

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rgnlm (avatar)

rgnlm Go live tonight idm 🤭 could we get a closer look at the fabric too?

1 month ago

joeylam87 (avatar)

joeylam87 What size does Ame wears for the illusion pants?

1 month ago

urbandoll (avatar)

urbandoll @rgnlm sorry dear!! Based on requests, I will go live only tomorrow. You enjoy your Friday night ok!

1 month ago

urbandoll (avatar)

urbandoll @joeylam87 she wears size M:)

1 month ago

rgnlm (avatar)

rgnlm No worries! You enjoy your Friday night too

1 month ago

janicxling (avatar)

janicxling hello can I know if this is only for Singaporeans or are you planning to ship to Malaysia as well? :3 thank you in advance!!

1 month ago

jiaxianlee (avatar)


1 month ago

beccalryx (avatar)

beccalryx how do i order!!! omg

1 month ago

iamadeline (avatar)

iamadeline Hi, love your choices! Is shipping available to Malaysia as well? Thank you :)

1 month ago

candymoshi (avatar)

candymoshi Wish I’m still 45kg then I can order too! Haha u look great in all the outfits! :)

1 month ago

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