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Knocked out for 7 hours. It’s more than the hours of sleep I’ve had in the past 3 nights combined.

Woke up to a new pimple on my left cheek and I’m so tired I can’t even put any cream on it lolol.

Anyway, just dropping a message to everyone that I’m alive and we managed to lug them stocks backkkk. I’m surprised our backs didn’t break HAHAHAH.

Made a cup of coffee and I’m about to start my day! Kelkel factory is closed today as per my announcement 😚

Today I need to become Kelkel warehouse packer HAHAH.

We are gonna introduce new designs for the next launch! So if you didn’t manage to buy anything because everything annoyingly got sold out (yesss we are so sorry because the suppliers stocks come and go SUPER FAST), don’t worry ok we moreeeee.

But we have to settle this current batch first ya!!

We weren’t planning to bring any cute t-shirts back but I saw a few and I received DMs about it so yeah.. I insisted on bringing some in!! Especially for those who previously loved the T-shirts from Shopwoowoo😘😘 I rmb you guys one ok legit.

For now, let me get my brains and hands to work for this current batch. Pack pack pack.

I think this trip scarred Ame for life.. HAHAH just as how it did for Kay. Think they see my IG until want to throw their phones away 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

On the first night she was like “I quit..”

Both of us cannot even be sure about our mental state now. Basically I survived on a lot of coke the past few days. Coke as in COCA-COLA ok πŸ˜‚ everywhere we went, I was like “can I get a cola please”

Whenever I felt like fainting or super restless, I’d go for an iced cola. Xb says I’m like Peanut. Forever very high then run around until energy extremely low and gonna faint, then need to take glucose to be normal again πŸ˜…


Excel on mac is gonna be the death of me

XB just called me while I was tallying orders.

πŸ¦„: hello?

πŸ‰: baby shark dududududu


This guy not over the babyshark song🦈

We spent a short 5 minutes on video call. I don’t remember us talking when I was away the past 3 days honestly. I don’t think we did?

πŸ¦„: so long never see your face already must talk for a while more. Didn’t hit quota for the past few days

πŸ‰: you forgot about me

πŸ¦„: ??? You feel like I forgot about you?

πŸ‰: yes

πŸ¦„: you feel neglected?

πŸ‰: yes

So poor thing sia this xiaobeng didn’t get enough love from his xiaolian. Most of our conversations revolved around “hi”, “buying clothes now”, “gonna sleep” the past few days when I wasn’t around.

Omggg fixing all the data on excel. No wonder I didn’t become an analyst HAHAH. Excel skills poor af.

Day 14

Monday, 14 Jan 2019

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joopleberry (avatar)

joopleberry Numbers on Mac is so much better!

1 month ago

jiaxianlee (avatar)

jiaxianlee omg 辛苦你了 !!! please have a good rest after this ☺️

1 month ago

urbandoll (avatar)

urbandoll @joopleberry omg I rarely used it!! Gonna try it! Do the excel functions work well on Numbers?

1 month ago

urbandoll (avatar)

urbandoll @jiaxianlicious_ θ°’θ°’δ½ οΌοΌπŸ™πŸ»

1 month ago

joopleberry (avatar)

joopleberry Yes very similar! Can do calculations and everything... so much less laggy and more user friendly haha

1 month ago

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