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Passed SQ interview and...

Good morning! Wow it's already 930am and I just got up. 😱 I usually wake up at 730 every morning.

Guess I was too tired from all the scrubbing of toilet tiles last night after preparing breakfast. I can feel the strain in my fingers πŸ˜– But now my toilet smells good and feels clean woohoo.

Okay let me freshen up a bit. Thinking about what to share today. πŸ˜…

I feel so paiseh to post selfies here now Lolol. Rushing out of the house to run errands! Update on the train later!!

Look at the mess this girl created for me just before I left home. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

I'm trying to find pictures for my intended post today but technology isn't helping me. Today's post may be up late 😞


So yes I passed the SQ interview, including the normal rounds and management round. Gonna share my experience here!

Had to put the watermark there cos idk why people like to use my photos to create fake FB, IG and Tinder accounts.

So yeah.. I wore the kebaya.

Let's get the story started!

It was a Saturday and the interview was held from 830am - 2pm at Pan Pacific Hotel. My SQ girlfriend told me not to go too early because the interviewers may think there's a huge crowd outside and will be more stringent in selection for the early batches.

So I went at around 930am - 10am, alone. WTF THE QUEUE WAS CRAZY?!?! When I got up the escalator, I asked some people if that was the start of the queue, and they were like, "no? It's all the way at the back"

SQ had adverts all over Facebook, Straits Times and stuff so that probably resulted in the snaking long queue.

Wtf I must have walked another 10 minutes around the hotel and passed by 1000 people, in my tight skirt, heels and my certificates in my hands.

I prepared my application form the day before. You can download it from their website. Oh ya I think I had my IC photo also, take a chio smiling one!

I joined the queue and a lady came over with a bunch of stickers. I was in group 89.

It meant there were 88 groups of 10 people in front of me. 880 people at the interview??

They closed the queue at 10am because the response was overwhelming and I think the hotel couldn't accommodate so many people. I met a friend who was flying with Jetstar and his group was 102 or 120 I can't remember. 1K people, fighting with you for job leh you say scary or not?!?

While queueing, My friend, Edwin, happily walked over to me and said he passed!! So I thought he passed all the rounds alr.

Nope it was just his first round. WTF he went at 730am and only finished his first round at 10am - 11am?

Tian ah.... they usually hold a couple of rounds and eliminate people from there.

I made friends with a girl called Shawna who was about to graduate from SIM.

Expect a lot of people from all walks of lives!! There will be people who tell you that they've been to the interview multiple times. A guy in my group went 11 times 😱😱 and 2 girls from my group revealed it was their second attempt.

There will be people who come in a bun and SQ makeup already HAHAHA. I saw someone with a luggage even leh. Maybe she was flying off after the interview.

There was a guy in leather jacket too?!??! And some girls came with cropped tops?!???

I wore a peplum top with black skirt.

This. I wore this MDS Peplum top with a short straight cut skirt.

I just wanted to look proper and nice. You need to carry yourself well. But don't have to be too formal to go in shirt and work pants/skirts for girls la.

First round *ding ding*

10 of us walked into the room and sat down in a front of 2 interviewers, one male & one female. I was right in the middle, probably number 5 or 6.

They asked 1 question and everybody had to give their own answer. Idk why the first girl stood up and went TO THE FRONT, beside the interviewers and gave her answer.

Slowly everyone followed. And I was thinking if I should follow? Anyway HERD MENTALITY, just follow cos you will seem more "guai" and then like "guai" people 😏

That was where the girl stood, marked with the X.

The question posted was, "Tell us about yourself and what is your favourite hawker food?"

Your answer obviously needs to be your choice of food and WHY. Don't just say "my favourite hawker food is carrot cake kthxbye"

This round they just want to see you based on first impression and how you can carry yourself off.

So since I had 5 people before me, I had ample time to think of my answer.

My favourite hawker food is Hokkien Mee.

Guess what. First girl stood up and said her favourite was HOKKIEN MEE.

Wtf. FML.

But I wasn't gonna change my answer cos that's really what I like!!!

First girl said she was from NUS and her fav food was Hokkien Mee. Second girl said she was from NTU Biz school and her fav food was Laksa. Third lady who was 39 years old said her favourite food was Beef Noodles.

Wtf so many local uni graduates in my batch? You'd be surprised!

My turn..

I briefly introduced myself as a graduate from NTU Comms and I was doing sales for 3 years. So I said my fav hawker food is Hokkien Mee and it has to be the one from Chomp Chomp. Because I love the mix of yellow noodles & white bee hoon. The prawns make the dish sweet while the pork & fish cake are salty. So you get the best of both worlds. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

HAHAHAHA what cock!!!!!!

Ok guys I'm stressing out by the number of campers πŸ˜–πŸ˜­

So all 10 of us finished and went out to wait for the results. I can't remember how long I waited. A guy came over with our application papers and started reading our names. Then he said "for those whose name I didn't call, I'm sorry."

There was 1 lady who didn't make the first cut. I guess it was cos she was 39 and there really were a lot of young blood. Some people were 19, fresh out of poly and stuff.

Then we were brought to this huge holding room where all the happy & excited people were

Second round

Ya passing the first round already made all of us elated!! LOL. πŸ˜‚πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Waited an hour for our height check, I almost didn't make it.

My last taken height was 160cm. SQ minimum is 158cm.

The Instructors can tell your height from one glance. We stood in 1 single line and they would single out people whom they think are short.

Suay me got singled out lor.

Took my height and it was 158cm exactly WTF?!? Then they asked me to reach out for the red tape on the wall. Ok touched it, passed. Phew?!?

Next, we waited for another 1-2 hours to check our certificates. They had to verify our certs & stuff. Some people got rejected because they didn't bring their certs, some because they only had private diploma (without O levels), etc.

Then came the mother long wait.....

We had to rewatch the SQ video over and over again... of the SQ ladies walking gracefully across some greenery, blahblah.

3 hours. I sat there for 3 hours and almost fell asleep.

Shawna and I walked over to Marina Square for a quick lunch cos we were afraid we might miss our turn.

Lolol I guess we were too kiasu and kiasi.

Honestly I almost died waiting for 3 hours. By then, my RBF was starting to show and I was just tired & listless.πŸ˜£πŸ˜”

At 5pm, our names were finally called. I swear my face was like πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ the whole time because I ran out of energy already and didn't have appetite to eat.

But of course I still had to keep up and prepare myself for the next round.

Round 3

They mixed some of us with people from other groups. So this time, there were 6 people were group. And I was still with Shawna yay!!!

While waiting (again!), we tried interacting with our group mates more just in case this round needed us to "sell our partners". This does happen during some of their interviews and I wasn't sure what was gonna happen this round.

Found out a guy stays in Woodlands woohoo so we had quite a bit to talk about!

So anyway we realised it's debate round 😱

About the debate, please don't come off too strongly. You don't want them to think you're a stubborn and hard to handle person. They like "guai" people remember? You don't have to argue much, just put your points across eloquently and politely!

The debate question was, "Beauty is more important than Brains"

I was in the For group. FML.

Guess what? They also arranged our seating based on our qualifications leh?!?

Cos when we went in, they read out our names and made us sit on specific seats.

I will elaborate on that later.

We had about 5 minutes to discuss. During the discussion, they will see how you behave and how you communicate with your peers. Once again, do not be the dictator. Just be open to listen to everyone and respect their opinions.

5 minutes was up before we know it. And seriously we didn't have very good points LOL. Damn flustered already.

And guess what? I WENT FIRST FML. 😱😱 I told y'all my life sucks one right.

My opponent was a fellow NTU junior who could speak really well and I could tell many interviewers liked her.

My answer? I said I would define beauty as pleasant looks and good grooming. Beauty is especially important especially in the media or customer service industry πŸ˜‰ because first impression counts. Based on first impressions people tend to have a better opinion of someone whose hair is neatly combed than someone with unkempt hair for example.

Then I flustered Liao. And went on to talk about the media industry where people like artistes. Cos usually you'll tend to like an actor because of his looks, before you even know his personality or brains.

Of course brains do matter but it also depends on the context and industry you are in. Beauty will help you first and your brains will help you later. (Not for all situations ah I say first)

We waited outside anxiously, all the chair were gone cos it was already 6pm and the hotel had some other events that night. We were the last group for debate interview that day. Everybody else behind us were told to go home and they would reschedule for them.

After 10-15 minutes wait, a lady came and read out our names again.

First name not mine.
Second name not mine.
Third name not mine.
Fourth name not mine.


I was scared and honestly disappointed at myself during the debate round πŸ˜– Thought I could have done better. That was the round I felt the worst about myself πŸ˜”

Then I heard my name. 😱😱😱😱😱

Wait what, was it really my name?!?!?

5 out of 6 people in my group passed the debate. I think that's quite a high passing rate.

They were quite lenient I think!

Cos during the first round 9 out of 10 people from my group passed. And I even heard some groups had 10/10 passing.

And no that was not the end!!

The next day was supposed to be management round but due to the overwhelming crowd, our management round was pushed all the way till about 3-4 weeks later.

Remember Edwin who went at 730am? His management aka final interview was right on the next day. Lucky him!

Round 4 - Management Round

Went for my final interview the next month and we were brought into the room to wait again.

Please expect lots of waiting lol.

It was finally my turn to enter the room. There were 2 interviewers from the management vs me.

They asked a series of questions. Actually I did prepare for a lot of the questions like I printed out 60 questions and thought of all the answers already HAHAHAH.

Normally they would ask "why do you want to work for SQ" that sort.

They deal with many standard answers like "it has always been my dream to fly" ALL THE TIME.

But this question posted to me was one I didn't prepare for.

Why should we choose you?

My answer was my age. I stated that I understand there are so many young people who want this job. Some are 18 and fresh out of school. I'm in my late 20s. But what I have is experience. At my age, I have seen a lot and I understand how hard things can get or how some clients/passengers can make things difficult for me. So given my maturity, i can handle tough situations better.

At this point both of them nodded in agreement.

Then the lady asked why I didn't join SQ sooner? When I just graduated from Uni.

I said I wanted some experience from an office job.

They also asked me to share about my sales job and how I handle difficult clients.

If you meet a hard to handle passenger, what would you do?

I said I would try my best to calm the passenger down and ask my supervisor for the next course of action. (Cos they want guai ppl again LOLOL and it shows you respect authority)

Then nod nod i thought okay liao. Here came the bomb.

But you are so petite you know? You think you can handle?

K wanna play weight I cannot cos I really am stick thin 😭😭 I felt so shitty about myself then..

But I replied that I think it comes with practice so I will get used to it. Also, I handle boxes of goods back in my sales job so I am okay to do manual labour.

It ended and I left the room. Waited for about 15 minutes for the results and I passed 😱😱😱😱

Round 5 - Kebaya and Skin Check

We moved to another room to try the kebaya. You will have to change with all the other female applicants. I was digging for the smallest pieces!!! Luckily i found a top that fits me phew. Had to tie my hair into a bun and sat outside another room while waiting for my name to be called.

I was quite worried because my BMI is low, my weight was 40kg.

This girl came out looking very dejected, I thought she looked fine in the kebaya. But they KIV her because of her weight. She was 44kg.

Oh my tian and I was 4kg lighter than her?!??! Gone case. Really die.

HurrrrπŸ˜” I felt this whole interview is playing games with my heart sia. One minute I get so nervous, next minute I'm happy and then I'm back to feeling shitty about myself again?!?

My name was called so I went in.

The lady was really nice and kept smiling at me 😳 Took my height & weight.

Then she asked me to walk in 1 straight line. I did but I was so scared stiff.

Don't walk like a robot, walk normally.

Okay so I walked normally and she said good.

Next, she brought me under the light and looked at my skin.

Her: are you wearing coloured contact lenses? You can only wear normal ones ok.

Me: okay I'm going for LASIK soon

Her: okay when is it?

Her: In SQ, our hair can only be black or dark brown. Only 1 single tone. Not like yours got so many tones off brown

Me: okay I can dye it

Then she proceeded to tell her colleagues that I look like one of their girls blahblah..

Her: what's your BMI? Let me check

Me: *worried*

Her: hmmm it's 16. It's a bit low but we can work with that. You need to put on a little more weight ok?

Me: okay.

She was really exceptionally nice to me like I was her Daughter HHAAHA.

Went out and waited again

My name got called with another girl (from Scoot) and they brought us to this room with 2 stacks of papers on the table.

They revealed to us that we have passed and instructed us to fill in the papers.

Ya after 8 long hours of interview the previous month and 2 hours for management round & kebaya, I passed 😭😭😭😭😭😭


Guys please chill. I am not contracted to SIA now. And never was.

I was scheduled for my medical at a clinic in MBFC one morning.

And then my nightmare came.

My spine... It looked pretty bad on the x-ray. The clinic assistant asked me, "do you know your spine is curved?"

The female doctor asked me to bend now and she assessed my spine. She didn't say anything much about it and so idk how bad my spine is.

I had to take an extra X-ray for further spine assessment which I pay $60 odd for.

And let the waiting begin again LOLOLOL.

Wait ah wait. Forever waiting!!!!!!!

My friends and I set up a whatsapp group to update each other about any calls or emails received.

Okay if you receive a call, then it's good news!!!

If you received nothing, IT'S ALSO GOOD NEWS. Because no news from them means they may still be reviewing and considering you.

If you receive a letter, THEN IT'S GAME OVER FOR SURE.

Slowly my 2 friends got called up and were told to sign the contract soon.

I waited for a month and one day....

I came home to a letter with the SIA logo.

GOOD GAME. I didn't even need to open the letter.

And I called @amley immediately to cry.

Then I called @shennyyang and cried more. Cos this girl also failed medical πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (Long Long time back)

Can you imagine passing everything smoothly and then just fail medical because your body sucks?!!??!???


I did tell myself that if I failed the interview, I might try again. But if I failed my medical, there is no point in me going again cos it's something that I cannot control?

If you're bad at interviews, it could be your luck or speaking.. and that could be improved. But body stuff cannot help it right.

What is wrong with my body? This question I need to ask God πŸ˜‚

Cos I've always had problems with my body since young. Had to go for surgery, health check-ups and stuff..

I had wanted to write about my surgery a while ago but now that there are more people here, I'm quite worried about being judged :/

My spine looks like this. Quite jialat 😫

So yeah this is why I didn't join SQ after passing all the interview rounds!

Anyway I was writing everything in sequence from the start to the end. And I understand all crew are not allowed to post photos of them in the kebaya online, which is why some of them colour over their uniform. Or post pictures without showing their faces. I know the severity of it.

I posted mine because I am not a crew.

So guys please don't worry!

I cannot comment on how life as a SQ girl is because I was not and am not one. You can read a lot about them online and even on Dayre :) it's definitely NOT easy and not as glamorous as you would imagine it to be. It's not just about looking good in the kebaya. I had 3 friends who quit halfway while serving their bond and had to pay 6K-9K.

I had a friend who always had to report back to office after almost every flight because she keeps getting tekan and sabotaged. She left halfway and is currently happy with another airlines. Idk maybe she was rude to her seniors or something, it happens!

I'm going for yoga class now and I'll share with y'all the questions that I researched and prepared for the interview when I get back home okay? πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

I might still even have the printed copy somewhere LOL I legit prepared for the questions sia!!

Day 60

Wednesday, 1 Mar 2017

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