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Good morning!!!!!!

I slept at 9ish last night while watching Marie Kondo lolol. Found her a bit monotonous sometimes.


But she’s still a crazy superwoman to be sooooo good at being organised. I need to go for an intensive class for that.

Was watching halfway at the table and turned around to find my doggo like that...

Guess she didn’t receive enough love yesterday.

“Can I get some belly rubs please?”

“Ooohhh is that food??”

“I would like some food too..” 🦊 this little fox trying to maintain and be as composed as she can.

She moved closer to me actually.

“Hmphf no food I’m gonna play dead here”

Moved to my bed and watched Netflix on my phone instead but obviously dozed off and had it run several episodes.. I think i properly watched 2 episodes?? (The Friend family, The Akiyamas, and the next I can’t remember their names but with 2 kids)

The rest all I toh already.

Kay came back halfway and I woke up for a while, scrolled my phone and went back to sleep again 🀀😴

The aircon in the room isn’t working and we cannot open the windows (because living in the ghetto + corridor unit in case somebody leaves comments like “why don’t you just open the windows” “there is something called curtains” ok you v smart come stay here.)

The technician is coming over on Sunday but I won’t be around because... I’m gonna be away!!!!!

Just for a short while!!

Please note Kelkel Sweatshop is gonna be closed from 11th Jan - 14th Jan. ☺️

Booked my tix in Nov and it was a tough 1.5 months waiting for this trip cos of what’s been going on.. just can’t wait to be away for a while and eat lots of stuff!!!!!! And hopefully I gain back 2kg and more!

Siao siao kpkb say 1.5 months tough wait hahahahaha. But if only you knew how my family’s been everyday.. anyway not gonna talk about it today don’t worry LOLOL.


Those who make payment today will have their items sent out tomorrow before 5pm 😊😘😚

Lolol.. I’m not obsessed (yet) but I’ve been able to guess a person’s horoscope by their actions and characteristics.

I have a list of horoscope that are on the “siao” list HAHAHA. Number one is Gemini on the list because no surprise XB is Gemini HAHAHAHA.

So today... my mum was kpkb-ing again and I realised I never knew my parents’ star signs. I kinda knew my Dad is a Saggi cos his birthday is one month before mine and he is a flirty saggi lolol standard one.

But my mum.... I never knew.

I thought she was a Pisces until today.. I searched and realised she is an Aquarius LOLOL. Aquarius happens to be on my siao list (no offence to any Aquarius babies reading this!!!!) because of past bad experiences with some people... and @shennyyang ‘s S is also Aquarius I think lolol.

Well I think y’all know how sot sot he was and is... last time when she told me he was Aquarius I was like “siao liao.. always cry sot one”

Read a little more about the sign to understand my mum better.. indeed she is quite emotionally charged as with the past experiences I’ve had with other people. And also she’s very popular and friendly!!

Dude my mum has friends all over the place?!???! Whenever we go out, she always says hi to people out of nowhere and we stand in the middle of the road blocking people cos she met a friend from primary school la, factory work last time la, Coffeeshop, etc etc.

Based on statistics, Aquarius women are likely to marry Aquarius men, Capricorn men and Saggi men.. hahahahaha see my Dad on the list!!!!! He was already born to marry her muhahahaha🀣🀣

I was telling him that and he said “θΏ™ζ ·ε‡†ε•ŠοΌ” (so accurate ah!)

The funny thing is... my Dad never lamented about marrying the wrong person but my Mum does it everyday πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ until he mostly just ignores her HHAHA. We all just ignore her actually.

Random but here’s something someone sent me!!! Lolol really dysfunctional until cannot spell properly.

Other than being dysfunctional, it takes a really big big big heart to deal with these signs. I nvr dated a Scorpio so idk but my friend did and omg he isssss a burden.

7ζ—©8ζ—© say people’s horoscope sot. Okay anybody had a crazy Capricorn friend or ex before?? I let you comment ok πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ time for some self-reflection lolol!!

Omg quite a lot of comments coming in!! I’m halfway through cutting my fabric 🀣🀣

Waiting for my sis to go to work then my Aquarius mum and I will go have breakfast outside yayzzz.

Lolol!! I obviously do not believe 100% in horoscopes and all because a lot of factors can mould the person who he is today. Sometimes it’s family.. sometimes it’s environment.. past experiences and stuff.

But sometimes I find it easier to understand a person’s actions and thoughts after knowing his/her horoscope and it’s easier to deal with the person.

Like I never understood how XB thinks and his indecisiveness.. only when I read up about Gemini (and I had 3 Gemini guys in my life - XB, close colleagues & CEO whom I can click surprisingly well with) did I realise why he was behaving the way he was. Now I’m kinda used to his pattern already so I know what he’s gonna do next or what he is thinking. Or sometimes he just not feeling it and wanna emo I just throw him there let him wait till he flip to the other side of his personalityπŸ˜…

Cos last time I would always overthink and wonder if something went wrong somewhere?? Or was it me? Then I realised oh it’s just his pattern la let him be.. after a while he will be okay one HAHAHA.

Dating a Gemini is quite an adventure. They are very affectionate physically (lots of forehead kisses and a lot of small small sweet actions one). XB and I have a lot of fun together. He brings out the fun in this boring Capricorn which I really like ☺️ it’s v unforgettable.

I personally have never been a psycho ex/gf before or I’d like to think so? Lolol! But I can say that really Capricorn can get quite authoritative sometimes to a point where some may think we are unreasonable. Lol. We say this means this. And it has to be done. Generally for me when it comes to relationship, when I’m done with someone I’m really quite done one haha. And please don’t call me. The more you call the further I run. Not run, I sprint.

And also Capricorns 吃软不吃瑬.


She didn’t fall in love with you because you remembered her birthday and bought her flowers for Valentine’s. She fell in love with you because you said “Good morning” to her without checking your phone. She fell in love with you because you went to the fridge to get yourself a drink and got a drink for her without her asking.

You had an amazing day at work and she came home & she had a terrible day. You sat and listened about her awful day and you didn’t say a thing about your amazing day.

^ and this is why guys.... why I’m in love with the person 6000 miles away. Not because of money because he doesn’t have any lolol.

Hello I’m disturbing people DMs already 😚😚

How I really look like at home lolol when not acting chio.

My flirty saggi guy friend come liao.. lolol!! Confirm ask me go out eat with him but I’ve already had my brunch & I still have to run errands for my mum later + lots of sewing to be done. 🀣🀣

That day he messaged me,

Him: Happy new year baby!!!❀️❀️❀️

Me: Crazy.

Legit he did that hahaha I even showed Kay.

Lolol guess what!! I have a new apprentice today!! #harpermum

Lolol so today I was just telling XB not to propose to me anytime soon cos.. I feel it’s not the right time yet. He was a bit sad, not like he’s gonna do it soon but I guess the fact that I kinda told him not to do it. An excerpt from our conversation..

πŸ¦„: we need to make a lot of money and be financially stable

πŸ‰: ok when I hit xxxx I confirm propose to you.

πŸ¦„: serious boooo confirm not.

πŸ‰: confirm. Good things happen together.

πŸ¦„: huh what you mean??

πŸ‰: good things happen together. You’re the first good thing that happened in my life. And later the wealth will come. It’s together.


Ermmm later if the money doesn’t come, does that then mean I’m not a good thing to him anymore?? πŸ€”

Just took a shower and gave my eyes a break. I seriously think sewing is making me cross-eyed!!!!!

Packing situation.

Day 9

Wednesday, 9 Jan 2019

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Tigerlilyyy (avatar)

Tigerlilyyy Hahahahaha my best friends are gemini and scorpio and both of my parents are scorpios
As much as i can tolerate them, i dont think i can tahan dating them but i think the worst horoscope for me to date to virgo since im a true blue aries πŸ˜‚
My bf is a saggi and i feel like me as an aries kena bullied leh πŸ˜‚

1 week ago

ryekris (avatar)

ryekris HAHAH i had a crazy capricorn ex! crazy fights everyday not sure how i survived that πŸ˜‚

1 week ago

xxxbxx (avatar)

xxxbxx I’m a Capricorn and my ex was Capricorn too! We both are so hardheaded and not willing to “lose” an argument 🀷🏻‍♀️ 🀦🏻‍♀️ whats your take on Capricorn? πŸ˜†

1 week ago

karyings (avatar)

karyings I dated Scorpio for abit and they are a burden cause of how clingy they can be 😢 while I’m a Gemini leh, Gemini zhen de so cha??? πŸ€­πŸ˜›πŸ€”

1 week ago

jennimmm (avatar)

jennimmm can i know the traits of a sagittarius man in your pov? i’m dating one and i think he’s very flirtatious too.

1 week ago

happybirthday (avatar)

happybirthday I think aquarius really difficult to uds. They like to say one thing and do another in relationships. That's for both genders. XD

1 week ago

joyceforensia (avatar)

joyceforensia I just know I hate Virgo men even though they are supposedly one of the matches for Taurus. Never ever will I date a Virgo ever again in my life.

1 week ago

glittersngold (avatar)

glittersngold I dated a sagittarius before, really flirtatious HAHA he can’t stop, thats why we broke up

1 week ago

arasseosista (avatar)

arasseosista Capricorn damn psycho. They always want things to go their way if not they like to boss you around. πŸ™‚

1 week ago

Owluvyou (avatar)

Owluvyou Wa as a gemini i feel offended sia... we got so bad meh hahahaha

1 week ago

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