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Was in the kitchen last night using my phone and then this girl just sat there like that looking at me??

“Hello Mummy can you see me??”
“Mummy can you stop using your phone and spend some time with me?”

Lolol zoom in.

She proceeded to lay in a comfortable position and asked for belly rubs lolol!

Slept at 2 and woke up at 7 cos I heard Kay going to the toilet. Now I can’t fall back asleep...

Omg better go pack parcels alr.

This is so tiring lol. I really COMPLETELY understand why online stores charge the way they do. Because really minus man hours, labour, transport, everything comes down to nothing.

So next time you want to kp that a blogshop charges $30... think about all the logistics and back end stuff. All these are money. And efforts.

I couldn’t fall back asleep after getting up to pee. So I happened to chance upon a video about the Muslim community in China and apparent mass jailing & killing of these people.

Then I couldn’t stop thinking..

Not sure about the veracity of this issue but yknow, they do have a history of doing this and I won’t be surprised. I need to know more.

Packing packing!!!

Sticky dog wants to watch me and smell my shit πŸ’©πŸ’©

Omg she fell asleep hahahahah. My shit is sleep inducing.


Calm to my storm. And my lighthouse when I need help finding my way home.

“I hope you see the respect and love he has for his mother in his eyes.”

“The man who makes you laugh harder than you have ever laughed before.”

Authentic, spiritual, respectful and hardworking.


Queueing to drop off parcels! I will drop you a message when your parcels have been mailed later!

Oh yay XB’s thing went well last night. I was sooo nervous for him and couldn’t concentrate when Kay was talking to me lolol.

Phew phew. Now can he finafreakingly move on!

Gonna buy Makisan home for lunch!! So hungryyyyy.

Kinda missing my partner-in-crime, XB. Hahaha. He’s at his friends’ place for the weekend. I miss his friends also! Always very welcoming and they took good care of me when XB was too busy for me. They are a couple la so I’m not worried if XB stays at their place. They used to ask us over for sleepovers too. Hahah. 30-40 year olds doing sleepovers v cute.

Omg before I forget.. the same SingPost guy served me just now and when he saw me he went, “ALAMAK... stand one side.”


One of the best things that ever happened in the ghetto!!! What’s your favourite Makisan topping? Here are what I usually opt for for Mega-san:

1) Japanese rice
2) Seaweed wrap
3) Ebiko roe
4) Tamago (egg omelette)
5) Shredded Cucumber
6) Tuna
7) Prawns
8) Tempura Crunch
9) Soft-shell crab!!! It’s a MUST!
10) Japanese mayonnaise


Day 18

Friday, 18 Jan 2019

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arixlxx (avatar)

arixlxx hello kel, i ordered the 2 piece resort set and opted for reg mail! but i haven’t received any tracking number or anything!! is it possible for you to help me check as i rly hope to wear that set for an important lunch next week!! thank u and have a gr8 weekend πŸ₯°πŸ’œ

1 month ago

jjoeannlja (avatar)

jjoeannlja you can try japanese curry for your sauce. not bad.

1 month ago

hhyyy (avatar)

hhyyy makisan 吃不ι₯±! in my honest opinion πŸ€£πŸ˜…

1 month ago

urbandoll (avatar)

urbandoll Hey @arixlxx let me check for you ok!

1 month ago

urbandoll (avatar)

urbandoll @jjoeannlja okay thank you!!!!!

1 month ago

urbandoll (avatar)

urbandoll @hhyyy it’s ok for me for a meal but it doesn’t keep me full for a long time!

1 month ago

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